Hello karaju, Glad to know uou didn’t lose your data! Before or after “lp” or should it be deleted? ALC I’m using gutsy, with the alsa driver upgraded to 1. To post a comment you must log in. I still couldn’t play sound, though. The configuration tool in Puppy linux is very simpl because Puppy is aimed at non techie people. Graphic driver for window 7.

Hunk 2 succeeded at offset 4 lines. Jul 8, 1 0 4, 0. Not all tips are meant to work for all hardware believe me hda-intel will probably have like a mini guide of it’s own one day. Next, open up this file: Most games, however, do support the OSS. It’s noncontinuous and chipping all the time no matter what source.

Before i used to get sound but after updating some of the packages from the upgrade manager, i m not getting sound of anything.

Greetings I have a toshiba satellite as the right snd driver seems to be hda-intel. Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: Now that I’ve got sound running again after the upgrade from Dapper, and Beryl is humming along nicely, I just have to fix Gaim.

To do this successfully, you will have to use ALSA since it supports this feature the best. I now have a functional vintage SB16!

Download drivers for LORD ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. I915 Series

Any ideas would be very much appreciated. I made another post in this forum in regards to what exactly was going on with my sound card, long long long story short, tried lodr card in the xp lorf, it told me it wasnt working, retuned it for a different one, and now it shos up in the lspci as this Hunk 22 succeeded at offset lines. I got a problem. I don’t know what happened here.


Failed to construct test pipeline for ‘gconfaudiosrc! I don’t use any references. Is ALSA support compiled into the kernel?

Graphic driver for window 7 | Tom’s Hardware Forum

If you take a look at my post on this pageyou’ll se that I did not have success with upgrading. I wondered that myself. Try searching the guide for your card, the guide for HD sound won’t work.

The answer lies in the –purge option which removes all the extra information that accumulated from tinkering and upgrading. LordRaiden, thanks a million for the guide. Hunk 5 succeeded at offset -1 lines. Hunk 5 succeeded at offset lines. Please, do you know how to id conflicts and then get rid of them? Just after uninstalling them, reinstall the packages, and then only then, reboot!

Remember the name of your soundcard driver and use it place of the blue text below. P4M Host Bridge Flags: I really helped me out for the first time, but now it did not: Hunk 20 succeeded at offset 70 lines. Would it be possible for you to write a sticky? Maybe no help to some but one of the sound problems I solved with Feisty was disabling on board sound via the Bios which left the PCI card which was then picked up by Feisty.


Hunk 6 succeeded at offset -1 lines. I have an Audigy card and output everything through the digital co-ax output to my receiver. If you unplug the speakers, the switch will be made automatically and the mute button will regain its original function.

motherboard Intel 915-478 socket DDR2

It is more like ten different volume controls in the sample place. What I9915 am considering is hanging onto ‘feisty’ until the next LTS comes out and then just updating as the LTSs are released, rather than the – seemingly banged out – interim releases.

If this happens, then do the following Code:

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