Jack, Kate, and Locke investigate the hatch and find Desmond, a man living inside. Teresa says she will be waiting for Ana Lucia in Los Angeles. This is NOT factual! Retrieved June 7, Archived from the original on October 20, Eko are warned not to use the hatch’s computer for communication, Michael uses the computer to communicate with someone that he thinks is Walt. While searching for Vincent, Shannon has a frightening vision of Walt in the jungle. As Locke and Mr.

So while Ana Lucia was traipsing around down Under, on the island she was looking for more blood. Locke saves the day with his crutches. Law , season 1 St. I made a promise to tell my testimony all over the globe once my man come back to me and my husband came just as Great Mother told me when she helped me. At least in hindsight that’s what I remember about the show But, we all got caught up in the crazy theories at one point or another. Archived from the original on December 11, The Others take Kate hostage but release her when Jack, Locke, and Sawyer give up their weapons and agree to go back. In flashbacks, Rose and Bernard have their honeymoon in Australia.

From your posts I see it seems like you’re already doing this but I just want to make one request. Malcolm David Kelleywho portrayed Walt LloydMichael’s son, only received star billing in the episodes in which he appeared.

Upon landing, they see Jin running out of the bushes, having been found by a group who they believe to lstpedia more of the Others.

It’s all coming full circle! Back in Los Angeles, Locke loses his job and encounters a number of familiar faces. I know, I’m just going off one word that he said, but it was pretty effective! And she went on a whirlwind seemingly pointless trip to Australia to find herself.

Here’s my guess on what’s going to happen. John Terry appeared in numerous flashbacks as Jack’s father, Christian Shephard.

This storyline seemed to go nowhere in this episode. Other reasons we should’ve seen their deaths coming. But we did epjsode a couple extra tidbits here to examine:. Sayid suggests to Hurley of taking Libby to a certain area of the Beach where he took Shannon last season.

Archived from the original on August 12, I really didn’t see it coming! The Flashback Eppisode everyone’s favorite character to hate is back for another round of flashbacks. By the way, Mike, though the horse has long left the barn, Netflix doesn’t show previews for the next episode, so it’s pretty bad spoiler-wise when you mentioned them.


It showed Hurley and Libby running on the beach and talking about what they miss, i. The Others take Kate hostage but release her when Jack, Locke, and Sawyer give up their weapons and agree to go back. Michael is telling them “I saw the others Archived from the original on May 27, In addition to the regular twenty-four episodes with a run time around 42 minutes eachthree clip-shows recapped previous events on the show.

Archived from the original on April 14, Seems like she has questionable motivation with a lot of her decisions and is willing to lie to get what she wants.

The Survivors are moving towards war and several things happened that will change life on the island forever! Maybe it’s because Jin and Sun are married? I’m not so sure. In the epilogue, scientists working for Penelope Widmore locate the island. My ex wife and i where having a misunderstanding which led to our breakup though i went to beg her several times to please forgive and accept me back because i know i offended her but each time i went i always feel more deeply in pain and agony because she always walk out on me and would not want to listen to what i have to tell and i felt so empty inside me, my loneliness became worst, until this faithful day i was browsing through the internet i saw a testimony on the internet testifying of Dr Raypower good work, i contacted him which he assured me within 48 hours for an instant result.

Back in Los Angeles, fate continues to intervene and bring the original survivors together. Archived from the original on September 26, When Aaron becomes sick, Claire, Kate, and Rousseau travel to where Claire was held captive, an abandoned Dharma medical station, in the hope of finding a cure. But she was inspired in the Airport by Jack’s memorable speech about getting his father’s body on the plane with the Airport Check-in Lady.

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Ilana prepares to kill Ben after Miles episodw that Ben killed Jacob. Archived from the original on January 22, There, he realizes that he forgot to pack a blanket and Libby offers to go back to the hatch to retrieve one. Mind you, I always watch next-ep previews on broadcast shows because I can’t resist them, but on DVR and Netflix, they’re not even made available.


But, based on all the Jack flashbacks and all of his seaso with his Father, this would just add another level if Sarah was involved with both of them. My names are Robert Jason want to testify about this great love spell lostpedka that helped me bring back my ex wife. Now, I’m making comments on Reddit trying to correct people and finding out I’m wrong!

But then again, we still need to learn more about Libby and her psychotic past! This leaves the core of your Main Cast e;isode for seasons to come. Someone who definitely has a past life of crime who has done nothing but good things since being on the island.

Yet, Ana hands over the gun, Michael says “I’m sorry” and we see where Michael’s allegiance now lies. In flashbacks, Charlie’s one-hit wonder band unsuccessfully tries to regain some of their past fame. Abrams, years ago in Los Angeles, and J.

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I’m rationing myself to a couple of episodes a day and am enjoying the rewatch with my husband who is a Lost virgin. We should’ve known once he asked for the combination Ana Lucia could’ve opened the door herself to the door 18 Right 1 Left 31 Right that this did not bode well for Ana Lucia.

Retrieved October 19, This is so amazing and i want you to believe because Great Mother is so real and i urge you contact her now on her email so that she can also help you the way she helped me. The episode was written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Christina M.

Head like a sieve.

Need to fine tune my LOST chops! This is NOT factual!

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