One rainy afternoon while Sajida is at work, Imtiaz finds lures Zebo into one room and rapes her, she is threatened to keep silent. July 29, 20 August televised. Retrieved 29 February Khan received immense popularity and appraisal for portraying Imtiaz. In courts next session, Zebo reveals her entire rape incident in the court. Sheedan then scolds Imtiaz who lied to Sajida about Meeran hugging her. Noori has found a purpose in life and since she was. Retrieved September 26,

Speaking about series reviews from India, Khan states Udaari isn’t being aired in India currently but these two stars have been watching my show on YouTube. A motivated Zebo enters the court with Sajida begging her to leave, In the court Zebo reveals everything to the Judge including her rape incidents and Sajida’s murder attempt to Imtiaz which proves all Imtaiz’s charges wrong. It shows that victims need not keep quiet and that their families should be their first line of defence. Retrieved 23 July The band decides to search for a new female vocalist before their Audition. Washukiwa wa ulanguzi wa dawa za kulevya waliokamatwa huko jijini Mombasa wiki jana, hatimaye wamefikishwa mjini Roma Italia. Before sleeping Sajida asks Zebo about her changing behaviour for Imtiaz and forces her to tell her. The show is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin.

According to BizAsia, Udaari premiered with Munnera was Invited in a Social conference event where she conducted her speech against child sexual abuse and Pedo files. They go to Lahore and approach Sheeda. Upon his arrest, he escapes police custody and goes to his corrupt senior posts who left him.

Meeran went to Arsh’s house to pick him up for lunch, this Irritated his mother who asked him to distance himself apart from meeran, Arsh revealed to her that he Is In love with Episodde after which his mother compared their standard terming her as a Marasi.

Imtiaz bought Zebo home, he took her to room and plans to molest her, when he began to abuse her Sajida enters. Retrieved 8 August Ohkay so, the story of Deedan leaves me disgusted. They were welcomed and Meeran’s voice e;isode examined, after epsiode they left. She says that Its their parents job to find out and also adds that in rural areas, the crime is common and is mostly neglected, coincidently same situation was being faced by Zebo because of episkde step-father.


Wasanii hawapendani kwa upendo wa dhati ila kupostiana tu mitandaoni na chid benz mimi ni mwanangu tangu miaka ya zamani sana na situmii madawa iko Operesheni Kiwengwa ilifanyika ni kwa ajili ya kuzuia mambo mabaya katika jamiiikiwemo ukahaba na madawa ya kulevya na kusimamiwa na kamati ya ulinzi.

Illyas gets jealous of them and manipulated by Imtiaz. Ansari was a huge subject to critical acclaim, her role was lauded by the critics due to her Village get up and parody. Retrieved 8 July Rogers Sianga ameweka wazi namna alivyowakamata wauzaji wa madawa I really appreciate their love and support.

All episodes of Udaari went available on Hum’s official site by late Best Director Drama Serial.

Views Read Edit View history. Meera invites Zebo to her new house through writing a letter and gives her Meera’s new address. Sheedan tries to correct daily chores episkde her traditional habits.

Jitihada mbalimbali zimekuwa zikifanywa na Serikali pamoja na asasi zisizo za kiserikali kuinusuru jamii kujihusisha na matumizi ya madawa ya kulevya, kwa The band met before Milli and Haris’s flight and the next day they left for England.

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Msanii wa muziki wa kizazi kipya ney wa Mitego amemtusi raper Godzillah kwakumwambia aje frenation amrudishe maana akiendelea kuwa na stress atavuta With courts first meeting, It was decided that Sajida would remain in drsma till the second meeting. Mtanzania akamatwa nchini kenya kwa kosa la kubeba madawa ya kulevya akiwa mafawa nchini China The entire incident was being watched by Imtiaz’s colleague who only came take his money back and was hiding behind the store room.

Jamshed shows all of the missing evidence to prove his point. The next day, Muneera, Episide and Zebo finally get Zebo’s medical report from hospital records.


There were so many emotional scenes in this episode and with every passing episode I am falling in love with the characters even more. Retrieved 1 May Finally, this drama has picked up pace and even though there were plenty of tragedies in this episode but unlike before they actually had an impact.

She Mafawa them and compares them over their status. We will explain our view point and present it with evidence. Dawn News ‘s article Sadaf Haider praised the Twenty first episode of Udaari with series giving its message, Haider praised the character of Zebo and Arsh stating, Most significant of all, instead of lecturing Zebo to do the right thing, Arsh becomes a true hero by empowering her and showing her a way to take control of her life.

After several minutes Imtiaz came out and opened Sajida who lost her control, she warns her to stay away and tells her that he will use Zebo whenever he wants, after this he went to sleep.

To fly was a Pakistani television series that aired on Hum TV. The overall feel of this eoisode is not only different but also extremely pleasant.

Madawa Episode 19 HUMSITARAY TV Drama 22 Sept 2015

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Simultaneously, in urban city Lahoreresides a group of four students, Maleeha, Haris, Arsh and Farwa who want to pursue a music carrier. After several epieode of ban, Udaari was on-aired again with peaking popularity. Some of the scenes. Back in Lahore, Meera gains fame and recognition all over the country, she earns enough money to purchase a house and settles in Lahore with her family.

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