Ever since she and her siblings were kids, Lucy was the one who took care of them because their parents were always out working. Against their children contracted measles, they were forced to seek financial assistance from their parents but were denied. Retrieved June 3, Leo Martinez Luz Valdez. Despite all the riches and the good life she had, there is one thing that she is missing, the love of her mother. Instead of playing with other kids, Badet chooses to play with Nando, and in return, Nando helps Badet with her school quizzes and the safety of her family.

Lovi Poe Louise delos Reyes. Art’s parents had a hard time accepting Trixie but Art continues to prove the love knows no gender despite the fact that until now, people still can’t accept the relationship they have. Raymart Santiago Yasmien Kurdi. He used to be an obedient son and a vigilant brother, but everything changes when Elmer Jeric Gonzales sexually assaults and kills Ella Kyle Ocampo , his sister’s playmate. Jomari Yllana acted as Joey Marquez. It airs every Saturday on the network’s primetime block.

Afterwards, Hisham was also diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. Ken Chan Epjsode Mariano. Susan Roces played Elvira Lerum, a widow who is forced to leave home and work as a domestic helper to support her three children. Ai-Ai de las Alas. Bayola Sef Cadayona during his teenage years portray himself.

But, during their popularity, Jam was diagnosed with lung cancer. But in the midst of her quiet life, Rovie needs to face a revelation when her husband finds out that she’s been a rape victim of three different man, one of them her own father. Trixie and Art immediately fall in love with each other when their paths cross in Flor’s sons Xandrex, and twins Jonjon and Joel were convicted of drug pushing.


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Ai-Ai delas Alas Sinon Loresca. Ever since she and her siblings were kids, Lucy was the one who took care of them because their parents were always out working.

The two become close friends. Her luck changed when she won a jackpot prize in the lottery several times.


Makmak tries to escape by first, running away from him after toilet break but the pedophile caught him and he was brought far away from his home bringing his son, who felt strange upon looking at his father wrapping himself around Makmak.

Gabby Concepcion Janice de Belen. Emil resents Rhoda for her actions, eight years later he comes back and tries to ruin Rhoda and Wendel’s family.

Replay story on May 5, Kim Rodriguez Hiro Peralta. The Janet Clemente Story served as the show’s second season dadaa. Sunshine Dizon Therese Malvar. After her eldest son Rowden, whose wedding video became viral on social media died of liver cancer, Hasset, who was a celebrity chef was also diagnosed with the same illness that lead to his death.

Badet Chlaui Malayao is only eight years old septembed she befriends a white dwarf named Nando Geoff Eigenmann. This is the story of Renee, a Nazarene devotee who strives hard to be recognized as a singer-songwriter. Jinky Anderson suffered many obstacles in her life. Lucy was a religious, hard-working, obedient, smart, responsible, and grew up in a conservative family. Janice de Belen played the principal character.

On a bus the pedophile felt asleep and Makmak escape only septembre find police. Irma Adlawan John Arcilla. However, due to misunderstanding, they separated.


Jomari Yllana acted as Joey Marquez. When Nina finds out about the relationship between the father of her child and her aunt, she immediately breaks up with Ricky while Milette returns to their province leaving Ricky alone. The episode is about the Metro Manila Skyway tragedy. The show was aired from January to Juneboth shows were also well received.

This move yaua Milette to become closer to Ricky, and not long afterward, the two entered a secret relationship. Allan’s parents liked Malou because of its kind and caring side. After joining the artista search “Starstruck” inKatrina Halili’s career was on the rise when she took on eipsode roles and became a sex symbol. Gabby Concepcion Inah de Belen. Jiggy would be left in Tacloban while Love went to Palo.

However when she got involved in a video scandal with Dr. But, she would become a victim of a syndicate of drugs.

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Aside from mere storytelling and narrating, Tiangco took a more participative role in the development of the show. Through PETA, I am able to speak up for animals, thats why I jumped at the chance to climb into a cage and urge people to liberate their diet and give vegetarianism a try, Kurdi explained.

They have been very strict about Ivy entering in a relationship so when she meets Erik Mark Herras through social media, she keeps it a secret from both of her parents.

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