A Maken That Evolves Meanwhile, Akaya reveals that Kodama holds a clue to what Kamigari’s leader Ouken Yamato desires, and is ordered to capture Kodama. Inaho finds a building where they can go up and save Kodama. The teen idol has taken a liking to Takeru, and Team Venus is going to support her all the way. After multiple failed attempts from the girls to do surveillance of the bathrooms, Takeru deduces that the lingerie thief is stealing bras in ascending order of cup size. The Two Who Are Alike However, if the opponent has an evolved Maken and can perfectly control or contain the surge, it can have the opposite effect and empower the opponent.

She is immediately motivated to become the council vice-president and serve under Haruko who she obsesses over. Odyssey of the Celestial Ark Star Blazers: On the day of his examination, Takeru’s Element cannot be determined. Dates in this article reflect the actual date. Tenbi Gakuen’s 1st Semester Ends Many years later, after her seal was weakened by Minori , Kodama used her element to manifest an incarnation of herself.

She wants episdoe to remember it too, but he is oblivious. However, she manifests her Maken when she saves Takeru and a cat from a falling boulder. Godannar — To Heart: Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky Maburaho Maken-ki! Actionharem [1] [2].

Maken-Ki! Battling Venus Episode 11 English Dubbed

Takeru, along with fellow student Uruchi Minayaencounter the criminal, who reveals herself to be Kumi Amio. Later, the men at Tenbi successfully petitions to use the pool with the women to engage in a duel, in which the competitors have to take the headbands to win. Archived from the original on January 3, Many years later, after her seal was weakened by MinoriKodama used her element to manifest an incarnation of herself.


A Demon Returns The girls agree, even though it means appearing in their swimsuits for the competition itself.

The Venus unit kidnaps her, and later on, Ouken has the Kamigari try to capture her on the summer training island. The School Director Dual-Matrix Blue Gender: They complete their cosplaying practice and Kimi completes all the copies of her manga.

The teen idol has taken a liking to Takeru, and Team Venus is going to support her all the way. He ends up sharing his room with the two girls, as well as Kodama Himegami. Mao-chan Stellvia D. The students engage in school sanctioned combat matches that showcase their powers. Minerva gathers intelligence for Kamigari, revealing the extent of Kodama and Takeru’s powers. Takeru turns into a girl. Kengo immediately start causing problems for the schoolgirls in Tenbi Academy, even appointing a male squad of officers including Takeru in order to enforce his tyrannic rule and personally visiting classrooms to enjoy the awkward situations his perverted policies put them in.

An out-of-control practical joke sends an embarrassed Haruko running out into the street where she is vulnerable to attack, as Kamigari continues to test Takeru. Retrieved 10 August Haruko unleashed a little of Murakumo’s power when she fought a student named Amio. However, the backlog of paperwork increases due to the incident to their dismay.

It’s Too Late To Repent Sparkling Phantom A. Ryo-Ohki — Oh My Goddess!

With the impending approach of the other students, Akaya dispatches Martha Minerva to fight them. Furan enjoys the date unlike Azuki.


Hoping to have a life full of ogling pretty girls, bathling reunites with childhood friend Haruko Amayawho shows him around school. The intrusion of a bear provides the chance for everyone to show off their abilities and demonstrate the spirit of maken-ki. At school the next day, Haruko transfers years from her class to Takeru’s, using her amnesia as an excuse to get closer to him. Fuma Hanran-hen Elementalors Tenchi the Movie: With That, The Summer Ends This time Takeru walks in on Haruko.

As a girl, Azuki is forced by Yuka and the rest of Maken-ki to cross-dress as “Kazuki” and date Furan. Meanwhile, someone is attacking students on the school grounds.

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However, the venue is struck by two batgling students who used Maken to tie all the people up in bondage ropes. Odyssey of the Celestial Ark Star Blazers: With her cat abilities, she apologises to Monji and the all the girls turn back to normal.

venux The Battle Ends By letter, she tells them that they have to endure all aspects of life until a boat comes and picks them up. Retrieved August 10,

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