I’ll have to strip it apart again to sort that out. I have no problems with cocking and releasing shutter in multi mode. Film Jammed – Won’t Advance Sometimes the film will jam in the canister, or in rare instances, isn’t actually as long as it’s supposed to be and can reach the end of the roll before the camera indicates it has. I once had an old Minolta SRT that locked up solid. Retrieved from ” https: I,m just baffled by the overlapping. Then I realized the problem was in a disconnected lever usually joined to the click button bar. I recently bought a Yashicamat with similar winding problems.

If you experience a jammed advance on these cameras, check the film path, sprockets and make sure they are clear and move freely, as I described previously. Please enter a valid email address. A full CLA solved the problem. Instant Repair Help over the Phone 6ya. If you still experience problems remove the winder and be sure the coupling that locks into the bottom of the camera to wind the film is not jammed or damaged. Are you a Mamiya Photography Expert? Are you metering properly when shooting?

Thanks for all your help guys! Not something you’re going to do yourself. With batteries in the winder and the power turned on, look for a series of contacts on the top of the winder that mate with your camera.

Hunt down a PDF service manual for your camera on the using Google web a lot of collectors share them and it should show you how to remove the cover to see the winding mechanism area.

I test it by putting a spool, spooled with the paper backing in the camera, and running it through the frames. Last edited by notraces: Your answer needs to include more details to help people. Gears, shafts, bearings and springs come into play and like a clock, they need to mesh together or the advance mechanism comes to a screeching halt.

John Falkenstine 10 years ago. I just received my CF in the mail today.

I bought this camera second-hand. Your solution to the mystery I’ll keep in mind if one of mine ever develops anything similar. In case you’re wondering whether it’s a loose exposure option dial, I’ve already checked the exposure dial and quite sure it is firmly set to “Single” When this quirk occurs, it feels like the gears have slipped thus requiring another deg turn?


The film would advance along with the frame counter. Helpful 0 Not Helpful Flag. Trigger button fired several times but film advance still showing 1. I would advance the film for a few shots, and then, fim of a sudden, the film advance would not stop to the next frame, but keep on going forever. Who knows what lays within the heart of mechanical beasts?

Just be sure filmm don’t have the same problem as your current camera does! Hi, I am having this same issue at the isssue. If your camera is set to that it will drain your battery when not in use since it is designed to be an automatic setting.

Is it possible that flm film can slip inside the camera?????? I’m not sure if the quality of the c is any better where it counts except maybe for the brighter viewfinder The film path is almost identical.

Originally Posted by kaider Thanks for all your help guys! You gotta hold the camera body somewhere anyway, advancing it while suspended from the neck strap isn’t very comfortable I thought the camera was jammed, but then I remembered that my Rolleiflex will do the same thing from time to time. Advance Lever Stuck If the actual film advance lever is stuck and won’t move, about the only option you have is to open the back of the camera and be isske nothing has jammed in the gears or sprockets of the take up reel or film path.

Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources Commons category link from Wikidata Commons category link is locally defined. Most film cameras are getting on in years and will just naturally begin to break down over time.

Mamiya C – Wikipedia

At times the film may also pull lose from the canister and roll completely on the take-up reel. You may link to content on this site but you may not reproduce any of it in whole or part without written consent from its owner. The little gear that measures the film running through the mammiya looks to be working. And that is the most complicated thing on earth.


Mamiya C Film Advance issue. advsnce

Mamiya C330 film advancing incorrectly

The Mamiya C Professional is a traditional film twin-lens reflex camera introduced in the s for the professional and advanced amateur photography markets.

I have also opened and repaired an old folding Mamiya Six from the ‘s, and the insides are similarly simple and rugged. My guess it is a clutch that engages and disengages the winder mechanism as it is easy to stop the film with a little extra pressure on the iissue plate. Eventually I sent it for repair, and the problem is fixed. Stretched out a bit I mean, why not depress the shutter release every time you advance?

Try putting an empty take up spool in the top slot, maybe it will work then. But i have a feeling its because there is no advsnce loaded. Ian – it’s hard to imagine Mamiya over-rating the specs of the spring on your – by the time it came out, the design was pretty mature. There may be no option to even fix your camera unless you find a similar model for parts and send that along to the repair shop.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can also use Q-tips dipped in alcohol to remove any debris, but don’t use water, and let the area dry completely.

How do you do this?

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