During this time Yaksha’s family members begged at Aravind to tie the knot on Yaksha’s neck. Mixture of humor, seriousness and turns made this drama a big hit. Finally Yaksha tries to gunfire Darshini at the temple itself but she gets hit by a wood log thrown by Siddha jyothirlingam who appears there out of nowhere due to which she faints. Arkadu Parthasarathy Komala Tamil: After the marriage in temple they stay in the same village head’s guest house for a night as there is a heavy rainfall. Now Flashback Time, years ago, There was three kingdoms which is Icchapurani Dynasty, Satavagheeni Dynasty and Suryakundala Dynasty and this three dynasties was involved in a ferocious civil war and the war was known by the name of Kalavana War. Retrieved from ” https:

Yuvarani born 30 November is an Indian film actress. Krishnaswamy Screenplay by Baba. A curious and surprise Yaksha asked her why to which Alangariamma told her that she’s not a normal person but a woman with the strength of asuras which shocked Yaksha even more. He further ordered her to be careful and not to eat anything given at the palace. After that, Mandakini brought Yaksha to the palace and told her that this’ll be the second gift for her beloved daughter. When she was about to leave she asked Alangariamma about who is the third person’s empty portrait. He then focuses his attention on Aravind incarnation of Raja Vikraman from Surya Kundala Dynasty by appearing as an old tea stall owner while Aravind stops by to drink a cup of tea and ask the tea stall owner for any nearby locations to put a stay only for the night and return to home the next morning.

He frightened her by saying that this palace is haunted and also tells her that there’s no other choices other than to take shelter in the palace temporarily.

An excited Yaksha thinks that her goons had kidnapped her and calls them. She then revealed thfvai him that the bus she was traveling had to turn back because of the landslide in that area which is actually caused by the comet crashing into the place near the palace.

List of programs broadcast by Zee Tamil. During this moment, Aravind for the first time tells her that Darshini doesn’t understands himself better than Yaksha had all this time and also said that he would never misunderstand her. The story ended with a note from an unknown narrator who told that the argument between Yaksha and Darshini which ended up with this fight are the results of both of their greeds Yaksha wanted to bring the bad peoples alive while destroying all the good peoples whereas Darshini wanted to bring the good peoples alive while destroying all the bad peoples by acquiring the Paadamoolam Mantiram.


Mamiyar Thevai

Finally Yaksha tries to gunfire Darshini at the temple itself but she gets hit by a wood log thrown by Siddha jyothirlingam who appears there out of nowhere due to which she faints. Its capital and largest city is Chennai, Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula and is bordered by the union territory of Puducherry and the South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Views Read Edit View history. Gayathri is a Tamil soap opera that aired on Zee Tamil. This further enrages Mandakini who started to scold him for his careless behavior.

She acts in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu movies as mamiya. He is devastated and his youngest daughter-in-law, Meera, helps him out with a surprising solution.

On the same night a worried Alangariamma was walking around the secret chamber while reminiscing about the incidents that had happened, her disciple Pasupati came into the chamber and told her that even though both of them are trying very best to bring Yaksha and Aravind together but their plans are always failing.

Member feedback about Srithika: This causes a confusion for Rana Maayan later on as he perceived in such a way that Darshini is Icchapurani Queen Simharatna and Yaksha is Satavagheeni Queen lakshmi prabhavati.

She plans to gain Darshini’s belief and betray her. Babu Creative director s N. Dharshini told to Aravind that the doll killed her elder sister and tries to kill her grandma. Once Yaksha has entered the car and was driving Alangariamma’s evil powers comes into play taking control over Yaksha who proceeds to drive fast to knock out Darshini who was walking in front of her car but before anything bad can happened Jyothirlingam’s disciple came mamlyar between making Yaksha to put a sudden break and stop her car while breaking her out of the evil trance.

Ramachandran to help her out. CS1 Tamil-language sources ta Articles with short description Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from October All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Articles containing Tamil-language text. He then states that he is going cash use the three of them who are believed to have taken seeial birth once again after years as his “Pagadai Kai” three dices to bring an end to Kalanthakan.

She decides to leave the seeial when Aravind appears from the woods and she asked him whether he knows the exact location to Yaksha Guesthouse and he says that for 2 days there will be no way out because of the heavy landslide that have covered the road pathway to travel. Meanwhile, Sugumadhapura followed Darshini back to her home and came to know that there’s already an evil power in the form of a doll causing a lot of havoc in Darshini’s house.


Adichanallur has been announced as a site for further excavation.

Tamil Serials: Mamiyar Thevai Zee Tamizh Tv Serial

Casy show premiered on 17 February and aired Monday through Friday at 8: Jinda tuevai move to sit out and Alangariamma and Pasupati notice Jinda and she told about everything happens at dharshini house.

This irritates Yaksha and she plans to remove Darshini from her way. Nagaiah, Pendyala Nageshwara Rao, P. Bhadra started to get srial about this. The Siva Acharya who was uneasy with all of this natural disasters happening throughout India, requested his disciples to leave him alone for a few minutes while he decided to meditate.

During this moment Yaksha comes to Aravind’s office to give him the advance 5 crore and also she talks to Aravind and told him in front of his friend and also his boss that she has handed the project only for Aravind with great regards and mutual trust on him.

Meanwhile stupid Darshini is crying in her room like a coward while remembering the times mamiuar spent with Aravind as well as trying her best to forget him holding her thali, however when Aravind comes into the room she hides it away and tells him to just forget her.

Meanwhile, in a hidden chamber in the palace a treasure box opens and a scroll with the portrait of Lakshmi Prabhavathi appears at the back of the 2 visitors and this incident is only witnessed by Bhadra who watches it silently while stunned by himself.


But unfortunately her plans go in vain. The scene now shifts back to the palace where Bhadra is staying and he comes across his wife who have injured her hand. Later Bhadra manages to complete the given task by mixing it in water and also changes yhevai color of the water with his limited sfrial powers and served Yaksha the water who was having hiccups. She thought she was not getting married because of her name, but in reality she was impolite, tom boy and had a loud mouth.

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