And when he screamed going after Won – awesome! Overall, though, I thoroughly love this drama and am so happy Jung-hwan and Woo-young got their happy ending and kisses more smooching, indeed. Episode 3 by Regals. At the camp, not at the camp. I was surprised by Seulong too. Thank you so much Javabeans for recapping this series!

Sure, our good guys will win some things, but at the end of the day, what all of this political maneuvering was for, Lee Ho will still die. In the house that Jack built. What we’re watching by DB Staff. JB,thanks a hundred times over for recapping this drama. Then he hands over a package, reminding her of his promise to buy her pretty new clothes to replace her slavewear, and how a man keeps his promises. All my fave characters did not die. I am so afraid our OTP will end up apart.

I wasn’t left to ask, why the hell they didn’t just kill him when they had the chance? While en route to intercept the exile party, Keok-jung pulls So-baek aside for some last-minute instructions.

Oh JB I hope you’re right about JH not dying but I’m skeptical of dramas following logical thinking in its story lines. He accepts that gentle dismissal, but blurts that she should go to Won. It felt like the begining EPs and how there was more medical parts back then too. All in all, i loved it. With this she can move on, considering how much in love she is with the horse thief.

Mandate of Heaven ep Thoughts | Kdrama&more

Is it for cinematic purposes, or are there actually people standing outside listening? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Right now, I’m just glad Kim is dead, and I’m hoping we don’t get a City Hunter here, where the cool lawful guy gets gooddramaa. He grows increasingly agitated and claps episkde hands over his ears at the very title of prince.


Thus when Lee Ho takes that deal, this is where they part ways ideologically. And it kept it up the whole way through, which is no mean feat.

Jung-hwan is on alert for suspicious movement from the queen dowager, and sees her court lady heading out on her secret message delivery. The casting director hit the ball outta the park with those two young talents. Really disappointed with Lee Dong Wook’s acting here.

He’s supposed to be the same Keok-jung right? Mandate of Heaven’s facebook. I wonder if she comes back.

It was nice seeing the happy ending and Won’s health center. I’m not famliar with the actual historical events, fyi After so many attempts on his life and others, she has got to go. About Gu Family Book I checked out the first episode because of its high expectations and popularity.

Am just itching for her to die already Then he insists on being the one to personally escort Kim to his exile. Great to read the recaps. I hope to see heavej in more projects. Won might be a boring character [at least when compared to jeaven more dynamic side characters], but I appreciate him for always being the smart guy on turbodrive and comes up with plans to counter-attack the baddies.

Lee Ho is crowned king, and now the chyron reintroduces him with the name history uses, King Injong. All in all, I enjoyed it. It’s not going to be my favourite drama but it was certainly worth following. I really enjoyed their exhange and the panic looks on the baddies’ faces and Jung Hwan’s heroic sword-wielding added more to the awesomeness.


The actress acting the queen is not bad too!

Saving a goodrdama, plotting to take down the queen. Jung-hwan steps in to deflect the blow and goes in for the kill… just as Mu-myung pops up from his spot in the woods and hurls his dagger… Noooo, not my Jung-hwan! My favorite genres are Comedy, Romance and Sageuks,lol. How could I ever forget about Im Seul Ong.

I know Mu-myung is more valuable alive than dead, but damn it makes for an unsatisfying end to a fight.

“Heaven’s Order” ends without making two-digits

Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode Umechan Sensei Episode He really should stick with the understated roles in the future though. Betty July 22, at Thank you for recapping this, JB. I also notice the Premier muttered something to Pretty idol killer Everything everyone said up there about the characters and plot and surprisingly well acted roles.

Jung-hwan and Kim trade barbs as they walk, both of them on alert for the ambush. Mandate Of Heaven – Episode 8. My Minds Flower Rain Episode The show provided full space and freedom for it: Jung Hwan’s injury cliffhanger probably motivated me too.


Your email address will not be published. This scene actually brings a tear to my eye.

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