Anyway for those of you with the ears for real gossip, a GhanaCelebrities. Eazzy and becca are involved in this saga but time is revealing everything. Birds of the same feather really do flock together. Shut up Berla and stop defending your colleague. Follow Iced Concepts on facebook. Click on Image to advertise yourself. The subplot about the sour marriage between Yvonne Nelson and Toosweet Annan was pointless.

B from University of East London. Wo ye disgrace paaa see your bofrot cheeks. Wele i agree with u. And Chris is being paid to publish this nonsense. Trying to remember which one that was. This girls looks sick and bleached but I see Essien hitting that no muntari. I hope that all of your dreams come true and if you get to act in a movie, be sure to let me know. Click on Image to advertise yourself.

The sketch is attractive, your authored ma michael kors outlet online We produce the products nepemve can be used for movement in mini ramps, car ramps and disability ramps. And Chris is being paid to publish this nonsense. Maria the slut is his type because men like D black would love to be with the kinky ones not a full time physician.

My Love, the purpose of this website is to review nepeembe. This movie is rated PG but should be rated R. You can be sued for this. B from University of East London. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Pls the gal has been to her house countless times to cause mayhem but the last episode was like Bukom Banku and ayite powers fight- nasty and unprofessional lmao. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Most men are stupid so I believe this.

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Com reader sent the below email—and until proving otherwise, it remains in the allegation box. Click to see the Artiste of the week. I was also questioning what was the connection. Shut up Berla and stop defending your colleague.

I can visit this friday or saturday. I also do slot oh. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Your email address will not be published. How can Konongo musa moview that?

12 facts about Maria Nepembe, the Namibian girl who kissed Beverly Osu

Chris i believe its tie to give people a break. Dblack if dis is really you,plsss dont come down to da level of these low lives to comment on dis rubbish da senseless blogger has written,let ur publicist contact n knock some sense into his brainless skull or go da yardy way n teach him a lesson to stop messing with peoples reputation period.

Peace moved into the hotel and was unaware that she was being groomed to be a call girl and when push came to shove she felt she had no choice and commenced a career as a hooker.


She spoil spoil there already? There was bad blood between them that went beyond money. Doctor wife, I see! Damn this girl is a hoe indeed. Ask yourself that question. You trying to defined her is making her look worse than she really is. The marriage has gotten so bad and things took a major turn when Dblack casted her in his new movie.

Chris is has favourites and will never write nasty stuff about them. What is she doing in Ghana by the way? Paid for all expenses paid trip for all her friends to Milan and Paris, as well as a trip to Brazil. Kudos on the excellent work you are doing in Ghana. All I can ask is why?

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Good one professor lol ewurama. R wrote it and and u published it.

Chidi Anyanwu Chidox Starring: Refused A UK Visa? But this fool will disrespect his wife for the cheap girl.

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