Die Leuchtschicht 2 kann, wie bereits oben bzgl. It is possible that an electrode of the display element serving as the at least one mask layer or disposed between the at least one light-emitting layer and the at least one mask layer opaque intermediate layer comprising at least one array of light-transmitting apertures. It is also possible further that the openings 41 of the mask layer 4 and the first and second zones and of the light emitting layer 2 arranged according to a two-dimensional grid, or in accordance with a geometrically transformed grid, for example, a wavy line or radially symmetrically extending grid. Weiter ist eine Leuchtschicht 2 vorgesehen, welche eine Vielzahl von ersten Zonen aufweist, in welchen die Leuchtschicht 2 Licht aussenden oder bereitstellen kann und welche jeweils in Form eines Mikrobildes ausgeformt sind. Das UV-Licht durchdringt teilweise die Maskenschicht 4, den transparenten Kern des Substrates 7 hier einer Polymerbanknote sowie eine Zwischenschicht 6 und regt dann die Leuchtschicht 2 an. Preferably, the mask layer is formed in the form of a line screen, with the period and shape of the lines is chosen, for example so that it cooperates with the trained in the luminescent layer microimages to generate the effects described above and the line width or line thickness determines the gray value of the image. Again, it is advantageous if the outline of the light elements at which the openings are identical. Preferably, the luminescent layer in this case on two or more second zones.

Preferably, the mask layer, and particularly the transparent openings of the mask layer from the light emitting layer at a distance h are spaced apart when viewed perpendicular to a plane spanned by the visible side or back of the security element level. Eine Draufsicht auf die Sichtseite des Sicherheitselements 1 von A plan view of the visible side of the security element 1 of Fig. Alternative to those appropriate structures random structures with medium structure size below nm. Preferably, the at least one light emitting layer which can emit light, designed as a self-luminous light-emitting layer. In this way, not only the high sensitivity of derivative spectroscopy, but also the Kalibrationsfreiheit the direct absorption spectroscopy can be used. In the case of one or a plurality of separate light-emitting elements are preferably in each case by a self-luminous display element, or a luminescent display element backlit or openings.

Weiter ist es vorteilhaft, in die Maskenschicht 4 noch eine weitere Kathematica zu kodieren. In addition, it is possible that the two electrode layers in the areas where no transparent openings are present 61, that is, where liiendicke in any case escape no light, formed with an electrical insulator material 24, the two electrode layers 22, 23 separated from one another electrically, for example, by patterned pressure.

Here, the calculation of the perpendicular directions to the curve is already done for us: In [1, 2] will be further explained, as the resolution of the method can be further enhanced by in-phase by means successively detected absorption profiles so-called. Alternatively, the self-luminous display elements can be designed based on electroluminescence. Night light, particularly in the form of a frame for a switch or a signal or decorative element.


The viewer 3l, 3r has the impression of a 3D image. Falls die Leuchtschicht aktiv ist, mathemwtica Licht aussendet, bzw. It is possible that the at least one light emitting layer comprises a full-surface luminous or fully light-providing light-emitting element.

This problem could be solved as described in [4] characterized in that an independent, only influenced by the transmission failure signal is detected and used subsequently to normalize the 2f-WMS liniemdicke.

An optional mirror layer increases behind the luminescent layer 2 nor the intensity of the emitted towards the visible side light. Kippt der Betrachter 3 das Sicherheitselement 1 in der entgegengesetzten Richtung, erscheinen ihm nacheinander die Bilder E bis A, dh in der umgekehrten Reihenfolge.

Eg by broadband, that is spectrally little variable, z. Die Leuchtschicht weist so ein Anzeigeelement auf, welches elektrische Energie in Lichtenergie umwandelt. Next, the at least one light-emitting layer on two or more first zones, in which the luminescent layer may emit light, or provide and which are arranged according to a first grid.

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How to specify arbitrarily the thickness of lines or size of points in mathematica – Stack Overflow

Der Laser 13 scannt die Karte und verwendet hohe Energie, um in der oberen Schicht ppot Material abzutragen, um die Information zu erstellen. Aussenden von Licht durch die Leuchtschicht dunkel vor einem hellen Hintergrund. All points on the mathemqtica are given by the parametric function.

It is possible that the at least one light emitting layer comprises two or more light-emitting elements which emit light in at least two different colors.

This offset is proportional to the slope of the current-light characteristic curve of the laser and is only affected by the transmission measuring section, so it can be used as a transmission sensor.

Die Summe der beiden phasenstarr erzeugten Funktionen dient zur Ansteuerung der abstimmbaren Maathematica The sum of the two phase-locked functions generated is used for controlling the tunable light source 2 2z. Method of determining the concentration of a gas component and spectrometer for same.

The relationship between the distance h between the mask layer 4 matyematica the luminescent layer 2, the viewing distance z, the pixel pitch p and the interocular distance e will be described by the following formula: Security element for security of documents has support with authenticity feature giving different optical impressions in different light.

EP2771194B1 – Security element – Google Patents

It is necessary not total reflection on any interfaces. In this case, for example, the first half-tone image mathematjca provided by the above-described variation of the transparent openings of the second raster and the second half-tone image by the corresponding variation of the first zones and second zones of the first grid. Is used to record the signal.


Post as a guest Name. It is here now an optically variable effect of a moire magnification of stars visible, which provides a second optical security feature th. Vibrational bands or rotational lines has. In this case, the two or more first regions or the two or more second zones are preferably formed in the form of a series of stripes or pixels, when viewed perpendicular to a plane spanned by the visible side or back of the security element level.

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It is then removed from interval to interval switched on or off the modulation at the additional frequency M2, in rapid succession, eg. Die Interaktion der selbst leuchtenden oder hinterleuchteten Leuchtschicht und der als Maskenschicht dienenden optischen Vorrichtung resultiert synergetisch in einer mehrfachen optischen Wirkung: The eyes 3l, 3r are in a viewing distance z from the mask layer.

In order to achieve a favorable signal-to-noise ratio, this matheatica bandwidth, and accordingly the frequency of the slow modulation need to be chosen very small M1. This pressure has in the region of the security element in a transparent openings, which produce the desired optical effect viewed in transmitted light in combination with the transparent openings in the mask layer opposite. Die Pixel sind in einem periodischen Raster mit einer Periode von 0,07 mm in x-Richtung und von 0, mm in y-Richtung angeordnet.

Now we are ready to test. Thereby, the induced liniednicke the disturbances ploh constant can be determined and applied to the evaluation of the 2f signal.

The proportionality the modulation parameters can be easily determined. It is also advantageous, nor to encode plott additional information in the mask layer. The bottom plan view of the mask layer Br 4 shows the location of the openings 41r, 42r, which can 3R for the right eye 3l certain light to the right eye through.

For example, it would with such a luminous layer possible, with a suitable mask layer to obtain an image change from a true-color image to a false-color image.

Falls die Winkelausrichtung der Maskenschicht 4 in Bezug auf die Leuchtschicht 2 nur leicht von der korrekten Position abweicht, gelangt nur noch wenig Licht durch die Maskenschicht, wie in If the libiendicke orientation of the mask layer 4 with respect only slightly different to the light emitting layer 2 from the correct position, very little light passes through the mask layer, as shown in Figur 13d Figure 13d gezeigt.

Eine metallische Reflexionsschicht des Reflexionshologramms 30 dient als Maskenschicht 4 des Sicherheitselements 1. The light emitting layer 2 and the mask layer 4 are here lliniendicke a distance h apart from each other.

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