Until they found his lD card in his wallet and saw they’d got the wrong man. There’s not gonna be much left of him. Don’t you get it? Previous Episode Next Episode. And you’ve still got my car keys. You know what they say about all work and no play You’re staying here too.

No, he doesn’t know about it. Until one of the brothers said that was it, he’d had enough. Hold on a bit longer. To be honest, it doesn’t make much difference to Ray. Fifteen girls work here. The cops are keeping a close eye on Studio Don’t be ridiculous, man!

Can l call you back later?

We can’t just matroexjka him out there. Because l really need the money. They burnt him with an iron. What was his name? Nastya l don’t know how we’re going to make it to the end of the month. Tom and Andy Gallagher? You needn’t think l’m gonna spend a month on my back to bring that scumbag’s bones back here! And maybe Bob will help too.

Maksim Morozov Luc Caals Hold on a minute. Antwerp crook murdered in Thailand Ray’s dead. Episode 10 Jun 13 – coming soon. Episode 4 May 02 – Sveta returns to Tansdniestr after a 3 day journey. Fifteen girls work here. How long did it take to get back here? The customers are being systematically checked after leaving the club and stay away. Yes, and he almost broke my arm! You’ll have me thinkin’ you’re episdoe fuckin’ faggot in a minute!


Episode #2.5

Have you two had an argument? The cops are keeping a close eye on Studio And when you think you’ve got ’em all, they invent another one. The following night the Pussycat gets smashed up and 2 new girls, Nastya and Sveta, get His name was Eddy!

That’s the family’s job. Matroesjkw 9 Mar 09 – 3 months later She has made no money at all in Belgium but seazon top of that she is very unhappy. And Danny was in the middle of ironing his trousers Put Danny on.

Matroesjka’s Season 2 Episode 5

Wasn’t he having fun any more? Who’s gonna reimburse me? Why didn’t you come back with Sveta? Full Cast and Crew.

One to be able to matroeesjka spirits, one for the music, one to be allowed to dance, one to stay open after midnight, one to put a bin out in the street. Morozov made a deal with the boss. Social Services or something?

Ray had asked me to make a couple of seaosn for him. Use the HTML below. Why did he come back to Belgium? There must be one cuddly toy you wanna play with! You poor child What am l mmatroesjka to do with you? The cops raid Studio 69, but the gang was tipped of.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Do they know who did it? And those licences have to be paid for straight away. Sveta as Maria Kozlova Viktorya Kosova And that’s when the trouble really started. Matroesmka l don’t trust you. Share this Rating Title: Serioja has been ill all week.

Are there only six? Part 2 Jan 12 – On Cyprus the girls receive “dancing classes” and all of a sudden all illusions are gone.

Matroesjkas (2005) s02e05 Episode Script

Think of it as a present from Carlo. Eva has a job in a snack bar.

Not much – You should’ve stayed here, Sveta. We haven’t even got enough money to buy cigarettes or a phone card. Accountant Tony accompanies him to keep an eye on.

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