Review by duut c Jun 7, Ok sounds good to me. Sadly you’re a couple of hours away from me, I’m from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Everything is pretty much the same with a tele two. I’ve been using the maver 9. Other Power poles in a similar price range.

Review by Mike Oct 22, I cut off the part that protrudes from the kit when first offered up then ridge by ridge after that until I get the fit I want. Latest Online Deals Birmingham is probably about as half way as you can get Neil What do you think about this pole? I’ve never used a telescopic top kit before, is it set up the same way? Solid as a rock.

Decided to put 12 elastic in. Reviews below say this has a Telescopic Top 3 sections Xbyss thinking of going for a middy elastic. Silly answer – one that fits, sorry. The top 3 are telescopic and sections are put together.

Review by carl May 24, Search for a Pole. My choice of just one would be the I am lucky in that the kits for my old margin pole fit perfectly.

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Did you have to cut the bung back at all for it to fit or does it fit straight out the packet? This Power pole has been rated 2. The Maggotdrowners Forums have moved however the content of the old forum can stll be viewed even though no further replies can be added. Lots of tips re pole fishing on other pages. Some of those are Serues kits from Dragon carp, cut back a fair sbyss to fit and then a part of the offcut used to sleeve the butt end just to add a bit more strength.


Maver Abyss X 9.5m Match Fishing Pole – B7135

Ok sounds good to me. Got a link to the bungs you use? Most Viewed All-Round Poles.

Guessing the bush will fit on to section two correct? Perfect for commercials and targeting those large carp that lurk in the margins. Important – If this is your first time logging into the new Forums you will need to reset your Password as your previous password will not work – Click to Ple Password.

Latest Online Deals As always cut in stages. No, needs cutting, Stanley knife and a steady hand is all you need. Does this come with two top kits do you know?

About an hour journey for us both. And I make my own threader and describe how in my blog, towards the bottom of this page. Just slid the stick out when you are done. Then release and let the elastic slide back in. Fishing tight into margins and for stopping fish heading to snags, it does it well.


I appreciate the help, I’m pretty new to this pole fishing stuff. Please indicate if your message is a review, comment or question.

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Cut the elastic with around inches outside the tip and tie on the connector. Originally posted by chefster Tunnel Barn Farm is halfway Neil,go there,plenty of fish showing now,perfect place to practice the pole. Also when fitting the elastic pull out of the pole against the bung until the elastic bottoms macer. Which bung are you using? Push the cut bung in quite firmly each time as you need to replicate the pressure the stretched elastic will apply.

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