Haya do you know a person who is a best I like my ending to this story better. Now I am back to Romania and I can not find the movie. And he was rewarded for it. I thought Timurs wife died Timur did some pretty awful thingsl, even if he did love Mine. Timur has always been there for Everyone.

I skipped a lot towards the end.. Please make a Season 2. We all like a good ending. Like actors, Timur, Mine, Sinan, Hasan etc. She called out to her! I could not stand femur. Monnett February 16, at 8:

Express Entertainment is the most lively, colorful, and entertaining channel of the entertainment group. I agree in that Derin killed Sinan. The old guy who lusted after a 17 year old girl did….

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It is titled as Express News and it has been providing people with all the latest national and international news with full responsibility since its establishment. Express Media Group is a leading entertainment and news provider group in the country.

He was controlling and evil with all his ways in trying to keep Sinan away from Mine. Shame on Netflix for doing this to their viewers! I live in the United States and I love watching Turkish movies and tv dramas.


Help me where to find the Season 2, am willing to rent if i have to!!! That was more inconclusive love story Seriously. Janeth fernanda ramos February 20, at So sad to leave viewers hanging with unanswered questions. I do not think Timur shot Sinan. There were parts that just had me irritated that I skipped through but all in all very good, I think Derin shot Sinah and I loved that Mine and Turah finally got together because Sinah was too hot headed but did not like that it ended with uncertainty not knowing if there will be a continuation.

I find myself being captivated by these Turkish dramas. Asma Agha Talal Adnan Jilani I agree with you with not having final series.

Meenay Mera Pyaar Episode 12 On Express Ent – 8th October 2013

Grace August 6, at emenay Why would Timur leave on his wedding day to run an errand. That is the same but true story at least.

I watched every single episode on Netflix and there are so many cliff hangers meenay were not addressed. I am going to go with your version.

I absolutely loved this movie but i do not like the fact that wrong seems to triumph over good. I saw some episodes on Netflix, when I travelled to America. Rahm movie watch on urdu 1 on special Saturday 551 Haider Year ago.


apni tube: Mera Pyaar Meenay Episode 39 26th November

A new Journey of your life. She was plying both of those men against each other. She loved him so much but it episoee wasnt meant to be.

He was loyal to Mine but she kept pushing him away for stupid assumptions. Jodieau November 12, at 8: Your not the only one — this is the second Turkish series I have watched where Series 1 goes for about 80 episodes, which you binge watch, only to find it stops with no conclusion — am so angry for wasting my time.

On my last note. The host of this show is an elegant, lively and charming lady. Shari Goodman March 4, at There are so many unrelsoved issues.

Do they not believe in happy endings in Turkey?

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