Starting Monday morning, I was feeling a tremendous emptiness about the Olympics being over. Take this home, and think about what you have lost. After the surprise, Michael tells us that there is pee in his jeans now. Chris is not persuaded. Nick and Rachel win by a landslide. February 11, Author:

Well, good luck to you Michael. CH decides we have heard enough from the final two couples and puts it to a vote. Emily and Jef Update: Instead, they learn they will be spending the night in a trailer. I can’t believe I am a feminist. Chris gets in bed to pout, and Sarah follows him.

Chris and Sarah get the roses and a date, while Jaclyn and Ed get a consolation date…no roses though… Chris and Sarah jump and spin and laugh and twirl their way out of the high school… They fly to… a place…where was that? But understandably, lying is much tougher on the soul in a televised game than in a relationship.

By creating an account, you accept the terms and conditions of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I am in a relationship. October 4, Author: Everyone gets dressed up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: First of all, he makes a point to say how blondes are his type and his thing.

He tells epusode he is falling for her and explains that she is beautiful on the inside. I know what it feels like to have those feelings not reciprocated and I hate that she feels like I led her on. Cue joke about a roll in the hay. He had a therapist! They board a private jet and are left in some sort of meadow in the middle of nowhere to talk michaeel their relationship. Jamie finishes first for the ladies, but her partner, Ed, never finishes. How would Jake fare? miichael


Oh, and not just Rachel. Reid and Donna are eliminated, and Jaclyn gives some helpful feedback on how the game should be played. I can picture her picturing herself out there in Cali, dealing with whatever people deal mlchael when they have wineries.

But she episoee has a different look around Ben F. Goofy, madly in love, and having fun every second! Time for the voting to take place. I found out about the engagement last week during my routine Instagram stalking when I came across this post from Michael.

Hopefully her 6 year-old will aspire instead to emulate the time her stavliano dry humped and tongue-raped Brad in a string bikini on the beach during a Sports Illustrated photo shoot. And judging from this picture, a very serious one.

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This is officially the first time that phrase has been uttered. Instead, michxel learn they will be spending the night in a trailer. Sash supposedly offers to pay Jane’s mortgage if she votes for him Ivy Higa calls Michael Costello ‘Satan,’ accuses him of cheating, wants him disqualified from ‘Project Runway’ Andy wins!

It is my understanding that they are still doing well, still very much in love and that BP3 was just the beginning for their romance. This is the day. Look, he is in it to win it. It just goes to show that no one is safe. She already forgot she had to climb over Chris and Blakely making out on the bottome bunk a few days ago! You seem to be logged out. I ,ichael never done that though. They both seem super psyched about it.

I am sensing a new whore-tastic Halloween costume opportunity.

Ashley Spivey Blogs Bachelor Pad 3 Episode 2: Michael and Rachel Are Adorable

My top two choices, at this point. In case none of the information I have shared thus far has convinced you that he is completely ridiculous, please be advised that he chose to wear a pageboy hat for a promotional photo.


I did what every other guy and girl do when they meet each other on a TV show or not. Hard to know what to feel or write after watching that.

Right before the challenge, Jake informs us he is blessed with mental durability, physical strength and problem-solving so he needs a challenge that falls into one of those three categories.

But I am already disappointed. Any Lost blov out there? As you can see from the picture, CH is tickled pink by this proposal.

Which, to be fair, is possibly more valuable because if you scrape off the fuzz at the top and heat the remaining sauce up, no one is the wiser. I think it is a situation that has an epjsode. In fact, I even made his word bubble on the first picture before the rose ceremony. Mike Fleiss threw salt in my wound when the voiceover at the outset of the episode said: I am not sure how everyone is going to react to the finale.

Jaclyn has nothing nice to say about anyone and gets wasted Night 1 and teams up with an equally-trashed Ed. And during the commercials, I was so lost.

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