This episode in particular features one of the best plots of the series for me, allowing room for lots of great gags both physical and verbal. Drinking them turns him into “The Electric Superman. Mrs Gideon is portrayed by Victoria Wicks. When he attempts to give Vince a ” Grizzly Adams bumming”, Vince burns his nose with a straightening iron. List of recurring characters List of minor characters Unnatural Acts Sweet. Howard’s exact age is uncertain. He is summoned at the end of the episode to deal with Evil Tree.

Played by Rich Fulcher on his knees. He is the product of Howard’s feverish imagination when cast away on a desert island. However, Banoo was slightly late as ever, and he ended up giving the Amulet to Naboo the Enigma by mistake. Ramsay’s art consists of sticking shells to things, including his wife Matilda. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Dennis is portrayed by Julian Barratt. Being made entirely from sandpaper, he is incapable of touching or loving anything without wearing it down.

I especially loved seeing Howard dressed up as a goth and describing his toilet habits with the girls. Lester Corncrake is goosh blind vinyl doctor who is close friends with Howard Moon, and also an avid jazz fan. Appear in ” The Chokes “. The Hitcher is sometimes accompanied by two short, rotund henchmen called the Piper Twins.

Appears in ” Killeroo “. Played by Julian Barratt.

In the second series, Howard and Vince have left the zoo and formed a band together. He is also known to hand out pipes and beards to those he respects.


This Week’s Top Trailers. Views Read Edit View history. Willow the tree to eat a cucumber sandwich. Ebola Kelly Dent Dee Plume In the episode ” Killeroo “, [1] he appears in a dream to Vince to show him how Howard can beat Killeroo. However, in “Eels” he reveals that Elsie, proprietor of the Pie and Mash Shop, gave him free eels “on mighyy of [him] being an orphan n’ that” Eels. He is presented as a famous actor, known among fans as a maker of “devised pieces” and among critics for having a head that resembles a conker.

List of minor The Mighty Boosh characters

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Hitcher’s first appearance was in Autobooshwhere he encounters Howard and Vince, trapping them in a box and then rapping about it. Bainbridge is the owner of the Zooniverse, as well as being an admired adventurer. Mick Jagger is Vince’s hero. Lester Corncrake is portrayed by Rich Fulcher. Fossil has a desperate crush on Bainbridge. He has come to fast attention of Carlos Santanawho tries to recruit him.

Tony first appeared, alongside the rest of the Board of Shaman, in the TV episode “Nanageddon”, where he and fellow Shaman Saboo are given the task of finding and exorcising the powerful demon Nanatoo, which ends in Saboo ejecting him from his magic carpet out of annoyance. Appears in ” The Legend of Old Gregg “.

The Mighty Boosh – Season 2, Episode 3: Nanageddon –

The following is a list of recurring characters from The Mighty Booshincluding characters from the television series, the radio seriesand the various stage shows.


Played by Martin Trenaman. Edit Did You Know?

She was mentioned briefly in The Boosh as Howard’s band partner and lover, until the smooth talking Rudy Mancheigo a precursor to the character of Rudi van DiSarzio wooed her with empty wisdoms. Vince also claims he is the “King of the Mods”. One of Vince’s friends; appears in the episode ” Party “.

Howard is an aspiring musicianactorpoetnovelist and photographer. Howard later obtains the voodoo scat record that Howlin’ Jimmy made and Vince eats a piece of it which causes one of Howlin’ Jimmy’s blood cells referred to as the jazz cell to try and take over Vince’s body.

He last appeared in the stage show, Boosh Live. Played by Sue Denim. His ghost is featured in this episode and referred to as the Spirit of Jazz. Mentioned in “Electro” but unseen.

His first appearance is in the pilot episode of the TV series, portrayed by Richard Ayoade. Also featured in The Mighty Book of Boosh. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In one episode he invites party guests to “bask in the glory nanagesdon [his] outfit”. He appeared in several episodes of the third series of the TV show. They appear to be led by a mutant with a squid for a head, who considers himself the prettiest.

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