By the way, after that what happened to Yulia Tymoshenko, the Chinese Prime Minister is a little afraid to sign contracts for supplies of Russian gas. Then even more difficult one. He was the only minister with specialized education. And they cancelled winter-time. It will be his only chance They will cultivate olive trees For example, the attorney of Berezovskiy asks Abramovich:

Well, let’s think for a second. And that Tuvalu recognized Abkhazia and Ossetia thinking that those are their ancient Gods. And what you get first when you are guests? We don’t want even to laugh of them. They will organize a peace tank rally Washington – Tehran. So many people know what I am talking about. The surprising fact is not that Russia crushed Andorra, but how the latter managed to gather 11 men who know to play football!

And a lot of young people come and I am very glad for this. Maybe not every person can remember all the events Cause you know, we have to take care of men. They even don’t know from where they have to start thinking in order to say something truth. I even can’t understand, do they realize that our descendants will remember only this about them? They renamed it in Police and they are satisfied and all right.


I am grateful to this theater – the “Community of Actors at Taganka Theater”.

Modernization of Missile Forces will start in the beginning of the year under the slogan “One Bulava is ok and we don’t have any other anyway. Khodorkovskiy got 14 years for oil. A recurring theme in Zadornov’s humour is national stereotype and national mentality. Maybe I should warn you every time. I’ll brag a little, but absolutely honestly.

Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov

Zadornov received a prestigious Lenin Komsomol Prize and was awarded the title of National Artist, a title given to a performer who reaches substantial popularity among the people.

Such a modest and cultured man. The back rows got very quickly what I am mikhhail about. The surprising fact is not that Russia crushed Andorra, but how the latter managed to gather 11 men who know to play football!

Why Can’t We Predict Earthquakes? In March he signed a letter in support of the position of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on accession of Crimea to Russia.

Predictions for ! Russian satire! (English subtitles) – Transcript Vids

The first Chinese aircraft carrier will be commissioned. Many plays were performed, written, and played based on those volumes. Alexander Lukashenko will submit an application for participation in the “10 Millions” Show.

But like this, spectators coming and participating in the concert itself That’s sure will stay in memories. I start with a warm mikbail usually. I felt so relieved when I heard that.


Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov – Wikipedia

Write “Lamborghini” on it. They drink whiskey now. I finally see it happening. I forgot to tell you something.

Predictions for 2013! Russian satire! (English subtitles)

It’s engliah quite effective, right? We didn’t give to Hitler, to Napoleon For other persons named Zadornov, see Zadornov. It will be his only chance I was just joking! In parallel with writing pieces Zadornov started performing and making his own shows where he would compare life in Russia and other countries of the world, tell stories about his experience in other countries.

The next subject is so touching, you know. Let’s call it “Doctor House”. He supported the revisionist fringe theory that the Russian language descends from the Vedas and Etruriaput forward by philosopher Valeriy Chudinov.

Yes, I understand, it isn’t always very simple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another thing I remember and I like it.

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