Their bags are packed and their spirits are high! Volume 6 seems to carry on the new changes made in Volume 5, including multiple-part webisodes. Jane Boolittle finally works up the courage to attend school with the other ghouls. Rotter asks each of them to describe why they belong at Monster High. Tired of all the rumors being spread about them, the ghouls try to figure out who is the ghostly gossip. Jane Boolittle uses her jungle survival skills to survive her first dance. Hack’s latest device, they have to get back to their normal size before Mr.

Nefera’s dreadful attitude threatens to destroy the Fear Squad just as they’re preparing for Monster Mashionals. Ghoulia’s dreams of winning a first edition Deadfast comic book at Nekrocon are all but dead but an unexpected ghoul saves the day. The American fashion doll franchise Monster High , created by Mattel , was adapted into an animated web series released on YouTube. Frankie and Clawdeen help Draculaura find a dress she has never worn for a dance. Ghoulia works her fingers to the bone to pay for a scooter that’s quicker than DeadFast, but her speedy dreams are dashed when the bike is mysteriously stolen by Toralei. Volume 6 is also the final season for the Generation 1 Monster High Webisodes. Howleen frights to get Romulus to notice her, but fails to see that someone already finds her fang-tastic. Frankie works to piece together a friendship between two total opposites.

Go behind the screams for an in-the-coffin lurk at the life and career of monster pop star, Catty Noir. Cleo’s nail polish turns the ghouls’ bake sale cookies into a cookie-dough monster.

Neferamore | Monster High

The ghouls use their mad art skills to create monsterpieces for the scaritage art show. The ghoul’s Gloom Beach dreams appear to be doomed.

Draculaura is so spooked by an untimely breakout, she’s considering missing Cleo’s big party, yigh not if the ghouls can help it. Draculaura and Clawd’s differences aren’t keeping them apart—until Clawdeen decides to throw a steak into their romance.

The ghouls are horribly disappointed when they only get six hits on FrightTube. Honey Swamp and the ghouls head to a party in the bayou to film a documentary.

Find out about the Monster Exchange program, which encourages monsters to spend a scaremester studying abroad in a foreign country. The Ghoul Squad want to save Gil’s island, and decide to search for a monster with ice powers to help nefframore. Eternal benchwarmer Neighthan Rot stumbles across the ghoul line to help Monster High win the big game. Jane Boolittle finally works up the courage to attend school with the other ghouls. This article needs additional citations for verification. A germ-filled attack on Monster High threatens to ruin the ghouls’ class trip to Nefferamore Scarlo.


Clawdeen and Cleo get in a tussle over the lead for the school play, but an unexpected ghoul takes the part. Rochelle, Operetta, Lagoona, Howleen and Robecca are ready to do some dancing. When Johnny Spirit, Monster High’s resident bad boy, emerges from centuries of detention, his arrival proves to be music to Operetta’s ears.

Lagoona fights to free the science lab nefetamore and finds them a surprising new home. Fearing her reign as queen of the social scene is coming to an nefwramore, Cleo comes up with a royal plan to be the talk of the school.

Spectra uses her beast reporting skills to uncover personal secrets about Toralei! Twyla and Invisi Billy decided to help her by teaching her how to disappear. Volume 6 seems to carry on the new changes made in Volume 5, including multiple-part webisodes. Webisodes Films Fright On!

Deciding to serve refreshments at a dance, Frankie gets into a hilarious encounter when she states that she’ll give free refunds to unsatisfied customers.

Cleo and the ghouls fright for their chance to claim their spot as the victors of Monster Mashionals!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Spectra spreads elisode rumor about Frankie having scored tickets to a haunt concert for her and her GFF, but who will she invite to come along?

Lorna McNessie just got dumped by her boyfriend – via iCoffin! The ghouls go to a sleepover at Clawdeen’s house and Cleo’s tries a mean-spirited prank on Frankie during Truth or Scare. The ghouls become utterly possessed when faced with haunting task of picking the most freaky-fab picture day outfits.

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Wanting a family to spend the Howliday with, Frankie creates her own little sister, Alivia Stein. When Frankie accidentally puts her bolts on backwards, she causes havoc. Frankie turns to Teen Scream magazine to solve her boyfriend dilemmas and ends up creating a monsterific mess. YouTubeYouTube Kids. Hack’s latest device, they have to get back to their normal size before Mr.


The pets of the Monster High ghouls befriend Jane Boolittle and help her to overcome her shyness. Frankie decides to run for office so she can stand up for Slo-Mo and the zombies but soon discovers she might not be the beast candidate for the job. With their invitation to Gloom Beach denied and Cleo in a royal funk, the ghouls have one last chance to prove they’ve got spirits. Ghoulia, Frankie, and Lagoona devise a creeperific plan to prove to the school that zombies know how to take on even the most fearsome competitors.

The ghouls lose on purpose at Cleo’s favourite sleepover game so as not to trigger Cleo’s competitiveness, until Abbey conjures up her ambitious spirit to win. Deuce rocks his musical tribute to Cleo, meanwhile, Frankie’s in for an electrifying surprise. The Secret Creepers pets of the Monster High ghouls work together to help Draculaura avoid a batdialing disaster.


Retrieved January 31, The episode reintroduces the character of Rochelle Goyle. Catty Noir takes a break from her music career and goes to Monster High. Retrieved from ” https: Ghoulia has a crush on a zombie named Slo-Mo, so the ghouls try to help her win his heart with their own advice.

As Lagoona prepares for her scaremester in Madread, she worries that Gil might have already found a new fresh-water ghoulfriend. The Ghoul Squad heads to a tropical island to rescue a monster, except for Cleo who must stay behind and finish her schoolwork. Toralei provides the purrfect distraction to help Casta and the Spells overcome her stage jitters during her Halloween concert at Monster High.

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