February 23, [2]. Meanwhile, Chase has visions of his mother in some kind of warning. Charlemagne figures out that Jeredy is traveling on the train lines and sends on the Strike Squad to capture him. While stumbling onto what appears to be an ancient Monsuno temple in the jungle with Jon Ace, the Core-Tech team are attacked, captured, and their cores stolen by the crazy Dom Pyro, an agent of the Eklipse Organization. After Jeredy Suno reveals the mystery of Liger as the lynchpin bridging humanity and all Monsunos, Dr. Dax goes to his hometown and waits for a mysterious person to tell him information about his parents, only to find out its Dom Pyro, who tricked him so Dr. On a mission to re-establish the Library of Tebab, she and Beyal are hijacked by the Bookman.

Suno calls in Chase and Team Core-Tech to stop Strike Squad before it’s too late, at the end the train transforms into a submarine, annoying Commandant Charlemagne so much that she breaks her tiny little whip. Tallis has fallen in love with her and decides to help her come through from S. Klipse uses his new tech to lure S. Klipse joins forces with Chase to find Jeredy’s whereabouts. Charlemagne figures out that Jeredy is traveling on the train lines and sends on the Strike Squad to capture him. Season 2 of the American-Japanese produced animated series, titled “Monsuno:

Chase and his friends discover that Beyal lost his soul, and they head to the library to figure out how to get Beyal his soul back, but Dark Spin interferes. M specialist Alpha of Strike Squad wishes to prove that he is a superior Monsuno controller to Chase, and challenges him by invoking the rite of Tav Kagah.

Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Lists of anime episodes. Unexpectedly, Beyal is similarly transported to Chase’s side and the two are made to pit their wits against the new villains.

Monsuno S02E13

After Jeredy and the Core-Tech team place the last failsafe device, they are attacked by the Eklipse Organization. After intense fighting, Bren launches Neo-Quickforce and saves the day on the ground while Chase puts himself in the rocket in order to place the bomb harmlessly into space, only to return to earth in the arms of Liger.


Drezz and his team sets one off and Team Core-Tech barely make it out alive. This is a question that Team Core Tech will discover the answer to while they raid the S. Can Chase choas them? Klipse and Six to a deserted island with an erupting volcano!

Monsuno: Combat Chaos – Season 2, Episode Power –

An intense 3-way face-off against Dr. In this mid season 2-parter, Dax enters an underground Monsuno Fight Club tournament. While monusno the Punk Monks, Six is forced to choose between his father or his new friends.

The only way out is to win or be trapped forever. Klipse reveals his latest experiment, Number 6, a teenage clone of himself, and sends him out to destroy Team Core-Tech.

He picks his father, and Chase has to use a double Monsuno attack to win. Jeredy needs Team Core-Tech to break into Chsos.

Together, they take care of Trey’s Monsuno, Riccoshot. To save his friends and the whole world, Beyal must face the prospect of having to destroy all Monsunos. While the Suno’s talk, S.

Chase then decides to go and stop S. On the trail of a big cache of S. Views Read Edit View history. There are two problems: When they get there and get the book, The Dawnmaster steals it.

The trio heads to Axistown where they meet a mysterious woman who sends them to an underground fight club; Jinja obtains her own Monsuno she calls Charger. After playing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be Quickforce’s kaiser, Bren rescues Quickforce and is now his “kaiser” like Chase is with his Monsuno, Liger.

Chase and friends seek the final piece of the Pentoculus. Charlemagne figures out wpisode Jeredy is traveling on the train lines and sends on the Strike Squad to capture him. This thing has enough power to level an entire city.


Also, this episode was originally scheduled to air February 2, for the United States, but it was taken off due to last minute scheduling changes.

Stemming from one of Beyal’s visions, Chase discovers his mother, Sophia is still alive. Biz, later reported that the United States would broadcast the second season in the second half of Chase and Team Core-Tech attempt to intercept an unauthorized sale of Monsuno Essence, but end up uncovering a more dangerous plot, crafted by Droog.

Bekka reveals a past that links her to Beyal’s. On a mission to re-establish the Library of Tebab, she and Beyal are hijacked by the Bookman. When Droog causes the kids to be stuck in the virtual world. It will “debut later in the year” in the United States on Nicktoons, with a world wide release planned across Nickelodeon outlets in Chase battles the soldier and defeats his monsuno Airchopper when Liger runs away.

Monsuno S02E13 – video dailymotion

They are having Co,bat followed so that Chase can be tested! The battle ends with Core-Tech’s victory and Liger is fused with another of Chase’s Monsuno’s by Eklipse’s base exploding.

The bookman tries to make Liger his Monsuno, but it doesn’t work. Monsuno sight makes Chase and Beyal vulnerable to the Hand of Destiny. Beyal has a vision of Master Ey in trouble. Retrieved from ” https: February 23, [2]. Then Chase and the others chase after him and Chase eventually gets cjaos book as he is captured.

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