April 28, Blu-ray release date: Script, plot, acting, effects, timing; all unforgivably bad. Here’s some life advice you need, make yourself a nice bowl of chili and settle down to watch Moontrap. Space shuttle pilots Grant and Tanner discover a giant alien spacecraft between earth and moon. You are commenting using your Facebook account. A real chump role with all the dumb lines in the film. Forget about thumbscrews, electricity and water boarding; this should do the trick.

Contrary, it has been ripped-off by John Bruno’s “Virus” in This movie is a laugh riot from scene 1. I like Koenig well enough, but really only know his work from his time as Chekov. It’s like a parody of the kind of movie that an actor who is already famous does, where they want to play the lead, after gaining fame being a supporting actor. Audible Download Audio Books. Grab some popcorn and load it up, you’ll be glad you did! Koenig is, somewhat hilariously, playing a youthful hero type his character appears to be at least 20 years younger than the actor , the sort of guy who gets the girl at the end, which is a little weird and unworkable. The story is about astronauts Col.

And we have Walter Koenig and the incredible Bruce Campbell, what more could we ask for? I think someone called Mr Cameron spent more than 50p on a movie that year. The acting is bad as bad can be.

What the heck was that! For its 25th anniversary, Olive Films has released it for the first time on blu-ray with a remastered transfer, which is how I came to finally watch it.

Moontrap (1989) subtitles

I really don’t understand why everybody calls this a B-movie. And the space woman they find is very hot, I moontral know her but she did a good job as well, especially being mute for most of it. All in all an incredibly stupid film, but well worth viewing.

Leigh Lombardi in the buff what a waste of 92 minutes of my life – still, I put the laundry on and sorted my socks so my time wasn’t entirely wasted. But don’t despair, Koenig’s real-life wife, Judy Levitt, shows up to save the subtitlles of women on the screen by piloting a space shuttle, armed with missiles did the producer have something against the peaceful uses of space? The fiercely organized plans of his mission director Brian Keith go hysterically awry when a beautiful “spy” appears.


You know, once you start watching a bad movie like Moontrap, it’s hard to stop watching it even though you’re getting angry sugtitles the money you just wasted in the video store.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Most sad are the scientific errors which plague the script be sure to click on the “goofs” and show that quick profits, not accuracy, were the driving force behind this flick.

Not that the dialogue was all that great to montrap with, of course. The robots are better than stunt men in shrimp-creature suits. I can’t be sure about that, though, because I’ve seen Moontrap so many times that there are hardly any surprises. Be sure to wait through the closing credits for a little bit of an epilogue. Well, this isn’t going to be a classic!

Yes, it can’t be taken seriously, like most other SF movies either, and yes, a higher budget would have added to the film’s quality, but the budget can’t have been that low either. His wife senses something amiss from the moment he lands on earth.

Description provided by Wikipedia. Rentals are not eligible. Forget about thumbscrews, electricity and water boarding; this should do the trick. While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it’s the real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon. He’s almost as irritating at Bruce Willis in “Armageddon. The “human slashing” is a bit overdone for my taste, but then again They go to the moon where it came from and Find an alien base and a cryo alien woman 14K years old Who thaws to look like us and has incredible breastsAnd engages in sex exactly as humans do Including touching and hugging after All this would be hilarious if it were John Agar and some of his pals.

It’s like a parody of the kind of movie that an actor who is already famous does, where they want to play the lead, after gaining fame being a supporting actor. Subtitlea does a creditable job of working with an obviously very limited budget, but establishes a fairly grim atmosphere right from the start. Storywise, then the movie was campy, cheesy and too much off a rip-off of other more famous Sci-Fi movies, such as “Alien” to mention just 1998.


I don’t know why. The subtitpes isn’t always so hot, but the performances are fine from the two leads, and they do create some chemistry. It’s really difficult to say why, but there’s something about Bruce Campbell that makes him the ultimate hero, as deficient as his characters are, they just have spectacular attitudes.

Audible Download Audio Books.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Who cares subtitkes it’s supposed to be taken seriously or not? Some OK special effects. Maybe its because I tried to watch it again after a lengthy session on the beers, but I had to abort after it threatened to evaporate what brain cells I had left. The oddest thing about the blu-ray release is its ,oontrap, since the transfer is actually quite bad.

It does have a lot in common with terminator, aliens and virus but sci-fi does have a tend to copy it self, but if you want to see a good film with some good ideas then this one is for you, it is a thrill ride if you don’t think to hard. But it is fun to watch!

April 28, Blu-ray release date: The plot is simple and standard issue: Can’t really call this a great film, mooontrap its pacing problems and illogical goings-on, but it was a blast seeing it again.

But even the fact that you can see it over and over again should tell much about the quality of the movie. This movie is what I call “Cheap Sci-Fi”: But if I were you I would be prepared to get to the end of the film and get that strange feeling that you could have spent the last 90 minutes more profitably. This isn’t a classic by any means. Awful kelceyp 1 August Account Options Sign in.

Moontrap () subtitles

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It becomes a robot. I was very impressed the first time I saw the movie.

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