It is known that Sonali murdered Neeraj and hid his corpse in the fridge and murdered Murli because he opened the fridge out of curiosity and found Neeraj’s corpse. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Pratyush meets with Aslam the next day, Aslam admits to having played a prank on him. We then enter the life of a bank executive Pratyush Shelar Atul Kulkarni. It derives its name from a local Marathi owner called Antoba, in course of time the name was anglicised to Antop. When Teesta gets into her bedroom, she is mysteriously murdered.

Shafique Jun 29, He gets home late on his anniversary because he had to console an old college classmate about her marital woes. Docherty, Raymond Marshall, R. His father intended his son to have a career and had him educated at Kings School, Rochester. His own marital woes are worsened when his wife Antara Suchitra Pillai kicks up a big fight and leaves their home with their daughter Saanjh. She started her career as an actress in the Malayalam film Anaswaram, directed by Jomon, playing the lead opposite Mammootty.

Thanx for so many compliments! Scared and confused, Pratyush leaves immediately. She remarks that the bartender Sol Rahul Panday knows all movei secrets. When he brings her back home, he realizes that his car keys are missing.

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Membership enables a user to access the rank order of each industry personality, anfop well as agent contact information for any actor, producer, director etc. He asks Pratyush to hil immediately to a certain location. Atul Kulkarni holds a antpo in dramatic arts from National School of Drama. Director Kushan Nandy has worked doubly hard on giving the film the right texture in terms of technique and sound quality, but the screenplay tends to confuse the viewer as it unfolds. In both the films,she had a special appearance,this time also,she is in a special appearance.

When the cops begin to investigate, they find that Teesta had a roommate Sonali Jasmine and that Sonali is engaged to a prominent businessman, K. Aslam Durrani visits Pratyush and, seeing him, thinks he has probably committed the crime, saying that Pratyush would better leave the city and that he wouldn’t want anything to do with the latter anymore.


Atul Kulkarni graces the screening of Sonata. Enrolling in PRO for industry personnel, enables those members the ability to upload a head shot to open their page, as well as the ability to upload hundreds of photos to accompany their page.

It is then revealed that Menon has murdered Prashant, at which Sonali is shocked. While he grabs Arvind’s phone and tries to call police, Menon attacks him and stabs him on the sofa, and Arvind quickly turns out the gas. Kushan Nandy story and screenplayMovke Shroff story and screenplay. Thank you so much for your appreciationa and adding me in your trust list!

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We then enter the life of a bank executive Pratyush Shelar Atul Kulkarni. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Story is about Pratyush, a banker whose wife feels he is not spending enough time with the family, and he gets involved in a murder he does not commit.

At hilk, it has some chances at select theatres [multiplexes mainly] of metros. A dying Prashant advises Pratyush to go to Sntop at the earliest. Menon knows this and wanted to wipe out everything, including Prashant. Your Mobile has been activated successfully.

Keep track of everything moviee watch; tell your friends. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. Antara,is the wife of Pratyush,who loves her husband but is doubtful that,he is having an affair with his college friend! Three murders, six suspects, one address.

He edited the RAF journal with David Langdon and had several anto from it published after the war in the book Slipstream, after Chase left home at the age of 18, he worked in sales, primarily focusing on books and literature. He tries to bribe Arvind with 10 million, saying that he must arrest poor Pratyush on charges of all the murders.


It had all started on that stormy, Wednesday night, when Pratyush had been woken up by a phone call. While leaving the bar, their car is attacked by an apparently drunk man, who seems to know Teesta.

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Shweta Menon impresses in a significant mivie. That night,Pratyush receives a phone call,which changes his life! Sonali has several dark secrets and a good-for-nothing brother Prashant Subrat Dutta. Arvind then apologizes to Pratyush, saying he had to wound the latter or else Menon would’ve killed Pratyush. She does not listen to what he says. The film ends with the inspector relieving Pratyush of all charges in the case and requesting him to take care of a pet dog.

Madness at 88 Antop Hill

The plot just needed to be worked with. Antara Shelar lives an upper middle-class life with her husband, Pratyush, and a young daughter. She has participated in game show Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran on Asianet 5. She is exasperated with her husband spending more and more time at work, and not with her and their daughter, so she decides to leave him.

The film is filled with so many scenes which are not needed and seems to be stretched! Met with Womens Commission regarding the Kayam ad and they offered me full backing, thank you all and I hope justice will be done, she tweeted.

It is known that Sonali murdered Neeraj and hid his corpse in the fridge and murdered Murli because he opened the fridge out of curiosity and found Neeraj’s corpse.

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