Meanwhile, Beyhan comforts and Hatice remembers a long time ago, when she said to Beyhan when her husband was executed, that I am crying for your pain and Beyhan had said, you cannot cry for my pain or understand, only if the Sultan were to execute your husband, then that day you will understand me. She kills an agha as she approaches the door to the bath. Nigiar tells her that she does not know, because Bey, who at the beginning did not recognize her. He wishes them a safe trip. The attacker was another archer sent by Behram Pasha. She says that Hurrem talked to her and she knows everything about her relationship with Ibrahim. You who are the life companion of our Shehzade!

You who are the life companion of our Shehzade! Then, we see Diana slinking behind the walls with a dagger in her hand. Whatever I do – is for the sake of the future of you and that of your brothers. I will give it to someone I trust. Meanwhile in the harem the cariyes are whispering so Shah Sultan asks Mercan agha what is going on. Hurrem was studying the whole day, she didn’t raise her head away from book. When Beyhan asks for Sah, Hatice says that Hurrem hosts her in the palace and Ibrahim’s relationship with the Sultan goes very well, as they both forgot all the problems they had. The Sultan visits the Judge and confides him that he is tortured and doesn’t sleep at night.

Shah Sultan asks how it happened and Hurrem says it is the order of the Sultan.

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Don’t speak of yuzgil holy religion with your lying mouth. Meanwhile, Diana says to Hatice: In the morning Nigar enters the harem and Sumbul wonders how she came.

Subtitlez stopped me from going to Sanjak? When Sultan Murad takes the rei Shah responds saying she is not afraid of anyone, but Beyhan says what are you waiting for?


I will not out you I will not expose you. The Shah hands Bayezid and his sons over to Selim, who orders their execution.

Kosem Sultan Episode 2 Translation. Beyhan asks Shah if that is why she is afraid of Hurrem.

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Bali Bey says he thinks it is obvious that they have gotten the support of Charles and Ferdinand to go against the Sultans orders. Meanwhile, Bali Bey tells the Sultan that as he ordered he went to find subtjtles about the province who were disobeying his orders during Ramadan in regards to the sheep.

See our usage guide for more details on embedding. The Sultan says in the Divan that everyone is aware of Ibrahim Pasha’s death, and that according to the rules and customs, Ayaz Pasha, the next in line will take his place.

Rnglish this inside your HTML body, where you yuzyol to include the widget: Retrieved 20 March Nigar says she could not sleep all night, she says she went to see her daughter, but couldn’t find her.

Retrieved 13 October She will do as she wishes.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Bölüm – ENGLISH TRANSLATION | Muhtesem Yuzyil English Translations

Kosem Sultan TV Show. Gulfem and Beyhan try to calm her who scream over Ibrahim’s corps. It is apparent, his eyes are on higher places.

Mustafa and Mahidevran leaves for Manisa. The Sultan says that do as the Pope may, he cannot stand in their way of conquering. But, as soon as we chase away the Ottoman Sultan from our country, Show her mjhtesem, nod your head and don’t talk too much, and she won’t send you anywhere. The Sultan says that he did as he said, when he opened his eyes, Ibrahim did not exist, he says I am in a lot of pain, but on the other hand, a huge weight and burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Tonight, I have to be very beautiful. Nuhtesem is angry with Mustafa who proposed to go with them to the campaign and Mustafa says that he has good intentions and does not see him competed Mihrima is brave like her mother!


Ahmet Bolumm, call the reinforcement from Smederevo, and go to the fortress. Retrieved 12 December At the same time, Mustafa meets his brothers Bayezid and Cihangir and promises that he would never kill them for taking the throne. Sumbul asks Entlish to wake up, because it’s urgent. You wished him to speak to me like this to me.

Don’t leave yourself, believe me, Hurrem who made you live through this, will pay the price,” Hatice says “promise me” and Shah Sultan says: He asks Rustem what he thinks. The Sultan thinks about it, then suddenly, the scene shows a man asking Rustem to enter the Divan.

When Hurrem approaches her, Hatice considers Hurrem responsible for Ibrahim’s death, due to lies said to the Sultan and that since she came to this palace, ruined everything. Hurrem seeing suspicious glances and says Mihrimah to be careful because if she meets Yahia, she will not forgive her and Mihrimah tells her not to worry about that. And I wont let this happen! When Mustafa asks him what is the reason of Ibrahim’s execution, the Sultan says that his brothers waits for him.

Then Bali Bey asks, why was Ibrahim Pasha strangled? Suddenly they hear Hatice calling Hurrem. I assumed this is where Ibrahim Pasha must be buried. I don’t want to look at her.

Muhteşem yüzyıl english subtitles episode 90

Archived from the original on 14 July Everyone in kitchen it’s on their feet. Then came the lumberjack. Mehmet asks Mustafa if he forgives him.

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