Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ That happened to me this week. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. Castle in the Sky Movie Online. Arata Furuta as Ghibli Booster. Amongst their brood is the sharp-tongued grandmother who lives with them; a teenage son who wishes he had cooler parents; and a pesky daughter whose loud voice is unusual for someone so small. We’ll send you a confirmation email shortly.

Disney’s dub is a bit of a revelation, being yet another recent title where the English language cast is every bit as enjoyable as the original Japanese voice actors. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. As a young man returns home after his first year away at college he recalls his senior year of high school and the iron-willed, big city girl that turned his world upside down. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Yoshiko Fujiyama as Ghibli cheering section. Doriana Chierici as Shige.

Akio Ohmori Theme Song Arrangement: Arata Furuta as Ghibli Booster. Keiko Itogawa Kunji Tanifuji. Yoshiro Nishio Film Development: Kazuhiro Shindou as Ghibli Booster.

My Neighbors the Yamadas (movie) – Anime News Network

My kudos to the whole English dubbing crew. There are no amazing adventures or stunning tragedies, just slices of life. Mizuho Tsushima as Ghibli cheering section. The princess is only the size of a finger.


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This film shows us a variety of episodes of their lives with tales that range from the humorous to the heart-breaking, we see this family cope with life’s little conflicts, problems and joys in their own way. Michiyo Yasuda Dialogue Recording: Help improve our database by adding an opening theme here. Claude Lesko new dub. The Clock family are four-inch-tall people who live anonymously in another family’s residence, borrowing simple items to make their home.

In this quest he also meets San, the Mononoke Te. This is, as far as I can recall, Ghibli’s first dng comedy, and I hope that Takahata attempts more films in the humorous vein. My Aatch the Yamadas invites you to join the adventures of the quirky Yamada family brilliantly presented in an unique, visually striking comic-strip style. Watch Pom Poko Movie Online. Castle in the Sky Movie Online.

Although James Belushi has made a name for himself recently playing gruff but lovable dads, his characterization of Takashi is superb, remarkably low-key to fit the atmosphere. Max Aulivier new dub.


My Neighbors the Yamadas (movie)

Kenichi Konishi Art Director: Although we fans tend to say it’s any animation made primarily in Japan with Japanese authors and crews, I’m not sure we really have the full picture of the industry. Patricia Mainou as Matsuko.

Momose, Yoshiyuki Storyboard, Setting. Bernard Alane as Le narrateur. Touru Masuoka as Takashi. Register now – It’s free! My Neighbor s The Yamadas may win you neighbirs anyway. Ghibli Cinema Screenings in U.

Ambre Foubert new dub. Elisabeth Wiener as Shige new dub. Akira Matsuda as Ghibli cheering section. Watch Grave of Fireflies Movie Online.

Yuuta Komatsuzaki as Ghibli Booster. NIS America No one has ever put out quality box sets like these folks.

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