While Momoko is annoyed with Reika, her attitude offends Hazuki and Onpu. This, however, is t The first was ballet, the other a boy. What starts out as an accident turns out to be Doremi’s worst day ever—until she finds a surprise waiting for her at the MAHO Dou. They can’t see Hana again because of this, and they part ways. Momoko doesn’t know what her dream is and meets a similar boy on the same search. Moreno Grossi Pometti Synchronization:

Unmei no Saikai ” Japanese: Taniyama makes it to the final round but becomes nervous whenever he touches a certain piece. The kindergarteners are preparing for the athletic track meet. Pop wants to go to her grandparent’s house by train by herself. Megumi Takamura as Lala. Since her swimsuit from last year no longer fits, Kanae Lida decides to go on a diet and asks Doremi for help. While there, they come across Doremi’s father fishing with an unknown woman. Aiko’s mother comes to visit, but she is unable to face her daughter.

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Because Majo Rika and Lala are ill, the girls take Hana to school. Hazuki feels that she and Yada are becoming more distant as he becomes closer to Shiori. Apparently, he has the final item, a tapestry, that can rid the Queen’s curse.

The rainbow that comes after gives the girls an idea for removing a bramble from the Past Queen. They lose their powers, end up getting lost in the forest they’re in, and talk to Aiko about what happened between her and her grandfather.

However, this is a bad wish, and the flower changes color, gets up, and leaves. Big Panic, at the Harukaze’s! Kotake is angry at both Igarashi and Itou.

We Are Majo Ranger! They learn that Nanako once lost her puppy and is afraid to have another pet because she thinks the same thing might happen. Nino is Best Girl Feb 26, Logistics Toei Animation Philippines Broadcaster: Hana is devastated that her recently favorite show, “Battle Rangers”; is coming to an end, and therefore is determined to stop this by all means. Aiko and Onpu argue with each other after Aiko misunderstands the importance of the idol’s feelings.


Wasabi Mizuta as Joel ep 2. The day before he moves, he confesses his love for Pop. Reiko Kiuchi as Toyokazu Sugiyama. Nagato, who entered Doremi’s class as a new student, has become a hikikomori. Demon Coach Igarashi” Transcription: Her parents make the decision to take care of him at home, and as a result, decide to move back to Osaka.

The Mysterious Glass” Transcription: Aiko Namida no Saikai ” Japanese: Igarashi is made the coach of the soccer team, and Kotake is not appointed as a regular while Itou is. The Road to Becoming an Idol! Login or Register forgot it?

They try Magical Stage to return it to normal, but if fails to work. Doremi accidentally loses her tap at the Summer Festival. In the summer, another short 30 minute film was released in theaters, titled Kaeru Seki no Himitsu.

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Doremi meets a mysterious girl named Fami, who shares similar traits with her. A new classmate comes into Doremi’s school. When nzisho return to the cabin, Aiko’s fears have receded. Kunio Tsujita Key Animation: The girls also must also complete the exam in one hour or else they will fail.

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Onpu cannot decide on a role for a movie and she reflects on what made her become an idol. Akatsuki Yamatoya eps 4, 7, 9 Midori Kuriyama 4 episodes eps 1, 8, 10, The Level 1 Exam gives the girls the task of using magic to help someone and receiving thanks.

They are appointed as Pureleine by epsode Queen to capture Bad Cards, as they have hearts pure enough to be able to do so.

The Wizard World has been invaded by the virus of the former witch queen. Tired of being overworked, the fairies start a rebellion against their masters.


Ojamajo Doremi

Momoko is determined to patch things up. Hand in Hand” Transcription: For the 4kids dub, the plot was altered so that Reanne spends the day with her uncle and his friend, and Dorie and Mirabelle mistaken that she has episodee kidnapped. Hana-chan no Himitsu ” Japanese: Kazuhiro Yamaga as Tsuyoshi Segawa Onpu’s father. There, the two make up for the past argument but are quickly surrounded by sewer rats. They manage to stop time and pluck it before it plants itself to spread its seeds.

When it comes to ojamaj time, Hazuki and Aiko earn fairies for passing the exam. Sayaka Aida as Tomoe ep 6.

Hana gets lost during the Summer Festival, but meets a mysterious boy and makes him promise not to let go of her hand. However, Sugiyama teams up with Ogura to form a comedy duo named Toyoken. When she returns, she finds her sister and friends frantically searching for Hana.

The day of the second health examination has arrived, and the girls must try their best to complete tasks without accumulating three yellow cards, which will fail them immediately.

When Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu travel to the Witch World to visit Majo Rika, they inadvertently walk into the Queen’s garden and encounter a baby born from a special rose.

The girls go through the first Patissier Exam. The series focuses on a little girl named Doremi Harukazewho becomes a witch apprentice witchling in the 4Kids dub. Takayo Yumi as Shiori Nakayama.

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