This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if notinstalled and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interferenceto radio communications. The chart is rotated so that the boatdirection is to the top of the display. Navman Wireless Tracker qube 3. These limits are designed toprovide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a normal installation. Press MENU again to display the setup menu seesection Delivery options see all.

Tell us about it. Will need upgrade as unused for a while. A normal waypoint can benavigated to or included in a route. Pressing the Escape key ESC will bring you back to the chart display, although you may need as many as three keystrokes to “back out of the depths of some program options. You are here eBay Brands Navman Skip to page navigation. WGS84 is the defaultdatum, and the datum most commonly used onpaper charts. Press ENT to accept the new values.

You won’t be able to use all the functions and features without the manual, but you will be able to show your mate how to use the in a few minutes’ time. Six numeric data fields.

Navman TRACKER : GPS Receiver User’s Manual

Touchscreen More from this seller. The simulated boat speed to use. The optional fuel flow management system is available with one or two turbine-type fuel flow metering devices. The available icons are: Mio Navman sat nav. The total fuel used since it was reset to 0 bythe Clear Used command see section The about display shows: Remote Teacker More from this seller. Skip to main content.

New Navman Tracker 5500 Series Tft Color Chartplotter on

Navigation dataThe boat is sailing from the start to the destination and has moved off the plotted course from the start to thedestination. When it reaches one end itretraces the route in the other direction. The amount of fuel remaining in the fueltank s. See appendix A for a list ofthe available datums. It has been put in draw ever since.


You can begin to use this plotter with little or no reference to the page manual.

Screen Size see all. Enter waypoints at points of interest before startingto navigate see section Navman More from this seller.

As a package, the Navman is thoughtfully designed, obviously by someone who understands the difficulties of installation.

Ensure the gold contactsare on the outer edge andunderneath see above. The plotter can operate from nabman built-in GPS receiver, from a receiver that presents data in NMEA format or by using information from a navigation data serifs supplied from other Navman instruments.

Following a routeA route is a list of waypoints that the boat can follow see section Any questions just drop me a coour. Tell us about it. WGS84 is the defaultdatum, and the datum most commonly used onpaper charts. Press MENU again to display the setup menu seesection To turn thedata off or on or to changewhat data is displayed, seesection SimulateDemoSimulates the boat moving along a route at agiven speed.

Delivery options see all. Generic More from this seller. If in doubt, consult a qualifiedboat builder or marine engineer. The C-Map cartography provided everything we needed, but chartplotteer to some data, such as detailed bridge information, depended on the chart scale in use and could require as many as seven keystrokes.


When the danger alarm is enabled, an alarm willsound when the boat comes within this distance of adanger waypoint. Working condition and useable chart plotter – we are only selling as we have upgraded. Our doctors, nurses and carers give people the compassion and expert care they need to help them live the best life they possibly can. Do not rely on the anchor alarm asthe only anchor watch.

All Auction Buy it now.

General wear and scuffs such as marks and scratches on the device. Convert your windscreen mounted sat-nav into a convenient dashboard mount. New car with built in sat nav reason for sale. The screen’s size becomes limiting primarily during the planning stage of a voyage, during which I prefer to use a paper chart and then load trxcker into the plotter.

In chart mode, the display automatically centers on the boat.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The unit can be under glass, perspex,fibreglass or fabric, but not under metal orwood. Thereare nqvman types of files: It is important to remember that the WAAS mode should be turned off when navigating in areas outside the system’s primary coverage area.

The view should not beblocked by large parts of thesuperstructure. The scores very well in each area.

Beforesetting this mode enter at least one route seesection There are three water colours:

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