Troy Miller – Dieter Brummer Music: Sonya explains that she became worried when she found out about his fight with Harold, but Troy explains it away as a misunderstanding. I still can’t believe you conned some poor woman into marrying you. Third Commercial Break Number 32 Tash is wallowing on the couch, stuffing her face with chocolate, but soon gets sick of her own pity party. Well I wouldn’t be in your way if you guys left things in their proper places. I just want you to be happy.

Really good in fact. While Kyle heads outside to do some night- time gardening, Jade and Mark clink their beer bottles together in glee. Number 30 Toadie arrives home while Harold is trying to work out how to turn off the violent Wii game he accidentally switched on. Toadie apologises for staring but Sonya reminds him he told her to move on so that’s what she’s trying to do. There’s crap lying around everywhere, including Kyle who is lazing on the couch watching TV. Where did you learn to do this?

At the mention of Troy’s name, Harold finally confesses to Toadie and Lou what happened between them at the bucks’ night.

Home and Away 14th August – video dailymotion

Well you’d know all about that. Lassiter’s Complex Troy hangs in the background while Sonya confronts Toadie about the bribe. He heads off to the library just as Andrew arrives and takes a seat next to Summer. Emma J Steele Director: Kate offers to help him out neighbkurs Kyle reckons he’s got everything covered.

They see Toadie too, so Sonya stops to chat to him and see if he’s OK.


Erinsborough High Tash wants Chris to hang out with her after school but he reminds her he’s got basketball practice. Oh why thank you, Detective Brennan.

Lassiters Lake And the squabbles continue now they reach the BBQ over whether there is gas or not to cook the food on. What do you reckon it is? Sonya doesn’t want to, instead tells him that she will see him later. Ramsay Street Sonya and Troy arrive back from the best veggie shop in town laden down with vegetables for making the paella.

He hid in Troy’s truck and Troy didn’t know he was there until he stopped for petrol. Charlie’s Bar Lou banters with Harold about Carolyn who has gone back to her hotelbut Harold is too distracted by Troy to pay him any attention. When Chris leaves, Tash decides to do her good friend deed of the day and ring up Millsy to give him an earbashing about stuffing Chris around. Yip, so I want you to be with Troy.

His team- mate Millsy has been trying to stuff him around because he’s uncomfortable with Chris being gay. She shows Mark all of the Tupperware in the freezer and gets out the spag bol one. Charlie’s Bar Harold, Carolyn and Toadie are having fun playing darts while Lou’s in the loo but Callum is starting to get bored.

Harold puts the idea in Toadie’s head that it might not be Callum’s fault – Troy might have invited Cal along to his training session even though Toadie specifically said no.

Number 30 Toadie calls out for Callum but Harold finds a note on the table from him that says he’s sorry, but he’s gone to Puckapunyal with Troy. I’ve tried to be accommodating.


Squid hasn’t turned up for school. It was just so awkward. And she didn’t tell her dad that? He tells his housemates that they need to set some rules if they’re going to live harmoniously. Number 30 Toadie brings Sonya a cup of peppermint tea and they share a episoxe moment about him still keeping her favourite brew in the house. Lucas comes over to chat with Sonya after Callum and Troy head off to play darts.

Home and Away 6678 14th June 2017

Carolyn soon heads off to the nail salon and leaves the boys to it, but reminds them she’s not keen on Harold having a bucks’ night. I still can’t believe you conned some poor woman into marrying you. Lou’s not keen on the idea but agrees for Harold’s sake. But Jade says that not everyone’s a fan and that Troy had a go at Harold. Tash was supposed to come over last night.

Chris says they should go to the movie with Summer and Andrew who are welded at the lips near the lockers againbut Tash quietly says that they’re busy.

She too adds that she is worried about him, which surprises him somewhat. Well I wouldn’t be in your way if you guys left things in their proper neihbours.

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