Sonya takes her words to heart and decides she needs to be elsewhere! Toadie says it was a stupid thing to do. Kate tries to say it’s just Jade, it isn’t personal but he thinks it is. It’s true, and besides, she lives 16, miles away, why would anyone bother? Should have never taken advice from him. They head back inside. Sonya takes a few deep breaths then says he can stay but equally they all move away from where he’s standing! Troy offers Paul some food, but he refuses, just as Sheila arrives and I don’t know if it’s what she says or the way she says it but absolutely everything she says is quotable.

Andrew and Chris laugh derisively. I’m not, I’ve just got an assessment to get to. Toad reassures her that he won’t get custody; they’ve got the best family lawyers in the state helping them. When Karl is off getting a print – out and a DVD, Vanessa and Lucas admit to each other that they couldn’t see a lot on the scan! I want to be a Dad. Later Vanessa arrives home and Lucas prepares them some leftovers for supper.

Karl thinks they should neigjbours it time and let it blow over, but Troy has no intention of letting it blow over. Yes, he wanted someone there who could converse with the Duchess on her own level.

Toadie says he just wants to be left alone, Troy stands there with a demented grin on his face, as Sonya leads Toadie away.

Sonya and Toadie are watching from across the party, Sonya’s pleased that Karl has walked away, and she’s appalled that Troy’s trying it on with their friends. Oh no, we met through Kate. Ramsay Street Toadie, Sonya and Callum they really should all have the same last name, I’m tired of writing all their 6461 when they are as a group have joined the party.


Lou says it could be and gives a posh English laugh. Summer starts asking Tash about her course and if she’s looking forward to next semester. She acknowledges it was out of his comfort zone, and says she has planning on booking a trip to the UK, and this has inspired her to take the plunge.

Kate tries to say it’s just Jade, it isn’t personal but he thinks it is. Tash rolls her neughbours. Lou asks Kate if she’s okay, she says she’s fine, but he wonders why she isn’t outside enjoying the party. Sonya isn’t sure and when Kyle mentions that Jade is upset with him being around, she can’t leave quick enough.

So why are you leaving in a huff, then?

Shortland Street Episode 5th February

Kyle says Kate told him she has feelings for him. Lou can’t have the neighbours realising what he’s doing, so Kate tells him to stall her. They then go on to chat about the merits of Lucas’ suggestion although Vanessa’s still no closer to a decision and jokes with Sonya if she wants to swap partners!

Well, we’ve got plenty of time to figure out how it can work. It’s true, and besides, she lives 16, miles away, why would anyone bother?

Neighbours | Episode 7067 | 24th February 2015

Lassiters Complex Toadie checks in with his legal team but it doesn’t sound like its good news and he ends the call quickly after spotting Sonya approaching. Karl leaves to get some more food.

Later Vanessa arrives home and Lucas prepares them some leftovers for supper. Rhys says he’s just covering for Dr Olenski. Next, it’s Tash’s turn. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes.


Lucas isn’t sure about that, with only his own father as a role model! I knew it was a cop – out, I picked it because I beighbours know what else I was doing and I knew I’d just breeze through it. Number 24 Lucas is doing his best to try and persuade Vanessa to move in permanently but she isn’t quite ready to sign on the dotted line just yet. And she’s gone like the wind!

Shortland Street 6416 Episode 5th February 2018

Vanessa and Lucas are gabbling about seeing the baby’s heartbeat. I have to pretend I’m wind. I don’t think this course is worth it. She suggests they go for a couple of months, be in London for the Olympics. Lucas asking Vanessa to move in permanently.

Ramsay Street Summer is speaking to Tash, she says there’s no way that Toadie would have punched Troy. Callum’s shocked to see him, and tells Troy to go. Charlie’s Kyle asks how long Nfighbours has been thinking about this: Like me and you today, hanging out, having a laugh.

Aussie barbies are all about informality, Lou. Lovely juxtaposition between the metaphoric and the literal! Lou’s such a gentleman PAUL: She explains what happened at Uni today and says she’s wasted six months of her life on a course for losers and hippies!

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