He saw a perfect opportunity to sabotage me and he took it. I’m in a bit of trouble, aren’t I? So by baby, you mean your baby? She wonders if he’ll throw her out. Brad interrupts and says it went great: The kid’s got an ego the size of Western Australia. He thanks Brennan for all his help, but when he learns Brennan used to run an abseiling school, he tries to probe him for information on what might have gone wrong.

Karl is on hand to explain that he’s injured his back and neck, but that they need to do x – rays and scans to determine the extent. Brad decides not to tell his son, fearing to compromise the slim chance of a miraculous full recovery. She has to leave to video call Piper, but she wants to pick up where they left off earlier. Mark concedes that it’s the most likely explanation. The Bush Amber, Mason and Imogen rush to the base of the cliff where Josh lies unconscious; Amber screams at him to wake up. Imogen asks Mason if he really thought she would blame him. Kate, who is randomly loitering about, asks how Amber is, and learns from Lauren that Mason was out abseiling too. She’s pleased he’s telling the truth now.

It’s going to be smooth sailing from here. Lassiter’s reception Mark is at reception when Kate comes by.

Keep track of everything nejghbours watch; tell your friends. Georgia Brooks Remy Hii Libby ButlerReg Watson creator. Yeah, well you’d better know so. So episide is your fault? He claims he knows how to set up a rig, though admits he’s never been an instructor, and that he and Josh were arguing a little prior to the accident. Josh is wheeled into an examination room. Lou says the only person at fault is Josh. Erinsborough Hospital Karl tells the Willises that the sports surgeon can’t get here until tomorrow morning, which means Josh will be in pain overnight.


He saw a perfect opportunity to sabotage me and he took it. I’m in a bit of trouble, aren’t I? He also has a broken arm and a tear in his shoulder, which will require internal fixation surgery to repair. Audible Download Audio Books. This is a standard procedure. They both look worried. Harold’s Amber doesn’t know whether to go to see Josh before the operation. Later Josh apologises to Amber, telling her that he was scared about not being able to swim.

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You heard Dr Croker. He tells Paul that he’s come to check on Kate, who was upset. Conversation moves to Kyle: Lassiter’s Back in civilisation, Brad arrives at the hotel and tells Terese he neighburs like to book a room for him and his wife!

Kate is eating alone when Georgia comes in.

It’s really not for me to say, mate. Imogen defends Mason, but Amber insists Mason was egging Josh on. She says there isn’t. He groans in pain, and she wakes up. No, I don’t see much point.

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He apologises for everything. Imogen returns, having been unable to get a signal, and joins the chorus of screaming for Josh to wake up. Brad shouts after him that he’s wrong, because Josh is special. Hospital – reception Imogen arrives, avoiding the question of where she’d been. Josh asks his parents to call Amber. She goes to bed, and Mark arrives.


Sheila tells Kyle that Georgia knows deep down he’ll be a great dad, but that at the moment she’s just protecting herself from being hurt, given Kyle is moving on with Kate. Yes, but nsighbours could still go wrong. Mason is desperate to know how Josh could have suddenly fallen like that.

Kate admits that he’s been neighboours lately. Brennan, come on, you used to be a cop. She has to leave to video call Piper, but she wants to pick up where they left off earlier. He adds that he thinks doctors get it wrong all the time. Hospital – Josh’s room Josh is surprised to see Mason, who has brought some chocolates.

Sweetheart, he fpisode what he was doing. Outside in the corridor, Brennan has returned to drop off Imogen’s bag which she left in his car.

Kyle laments to Sheila that Georgia won’t let him be there for her, and didn’t even tell him she was pregnant. Josh starts shouting, so Brad and Terese rush 681 to see what’s happening. Brad scowls in the direction of No She decides to ask Kyle to meet her here, deciding her hospital visit can wait.

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