No 32 Amber comes home to find Bailey feeling very sorry for himself. Daniel proposes buying the ring for Amber, and Imogen sadly says he definitely should. Toadie is riding his bike along the street outside Dial-a-Kyle being chased by Kyle, who is wielding sellotape and sponges. Matt says he understands and Sonya realises Toadie told Matt. Sonya calls out from the finish line, encouraging Toadie along. As Karl scoffs at the idea, Brad walks in and walks over to where Paige is cleaning tables. Matt walks past smiling, saying that he understands that to be the case. Paige wonders what sort of an apology that was.

Paige urges Brad to go along again. I’m talking about your whole behaviour. Season 1 Episode Lauren doesn’t really think it’s their place. Bailey admits he can’t talk to Alice about it because of how focused she is on Space Camp. They’ve barely started speaking when a very annoyed Terese returns to the bar she forgot her jacket and Brad explains that they were just talking. Daniel heads off to the garage, claiming he’s doing some after – hours work on Hermione, and wishes Imogen luck with her mystery man.

She doesn’t want to do him anymore damage. She laughs disbelievingly nelghbours Matt doesn’t respond. Previously on Neighbours – Karl tells Toadie he has fractured his coccyx. After Sheila moves away, Paul warns Naomi off sabotaging the date but then is attention is drawn to another issue Lauren has sent him a text message re the cooling system at Harold’s.

Audible Download Audio Books. Susan asks Terese if she’s sure this is how she wants to play it. Terese is explaining to Susan that the moment she turned her back, Brad was talking to Lauren again, and that she snapped as it was the third time that day.

How do I do that? Brad offers to call Paige’s mum, but Paige thinks it might make things worse.

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What do you mean? Georgia points out he reviewed it and Georgia was just unlucky. With Matt away to the toilet, Neighbohrs goes over to talk to Brad to explain why she wanted to get to the bottom of things and didn’t mean to make things worse. Sonya won’t tell her and goes inside. Georgia asks him what happened to the last ten pens she gave him.


Brad understands about Adelaide but is wondering why she said about Lauren plotting and scheming epispde get him back. She adds that Brennan will be there that afternoon too and that Brad shouldn’t have to miss out on it.

The Waterhole Terese has just picked up some food. Toadie can’t wait to resume his sex life, but Sonya insists on the OK from Karl, who states he must first be able to perform a medium bike ride, which turns out hilariously public and painful. Lauren says of course it is.

Karl wants her to know she’s listened to episoe she’s valued. Number 22 Susan promises she isn’t checking up on Terese after calling round when she spotted the car in the driveway. Terese wonders what is going on and Susan gives it away with a look.

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Full Cast and Crew. Georgia admits she isn’t and that usually Dr Curtis is ten times ruder. Brad informs Paige that he can’t come over that afternoon as Lauren will be there and he promised Terese that he would keep his distance from Lauren.

Erinsborough Hospital Karl tells Toadie that everything seems to be healing nicely. Georgia thanks Karl and gives him a pen on the house. What is wrong with you?!

Home and Away 6972 Episode 2nd October 2018

Yeah, I guess I did. Lauren thinks Paige’s mum might be more understanding than Paige thinks about her searching for her biological parents. Lauren Turner Calen MacKenzie After Paige leaves, Terese grabs her phone and calls Tracy Wong, the private investigator, asking her to track down Mary Smith: Suddenly remembering who she is talking to, Amber and quickly stops but then on hearing Daniels signal, rushes out to join him bombing something.

Harold’s Store Bailey comes in and tells Alice he’s withdrawing his application for Space Camp because he values their friendship; this way she gets to go to the camp without competing with him.

Episode 6972

Lauren, Brad, Paige and Brennan come out of Number 24 chatting happily about music and dance styles. Toadie asks if someone’s doing the same to Matt. Matt heads to the drawers to find a key for the garage. Karl neiyhbours spouting off to Susan about Georgia making a fuss about the pen and thinking that all the doctors are banding together against the nurses. Terese admits she’s done something that she’s starting to regret. Mark thinks Paige should address that. He also volunteers to close the store up so she can talk it over with Matt who is in the bar.


Epsiode on Neighbours – The Yarn bombers identity being revealed. Sonya notices that Lauren, who is walking up the street, heard what Toadie said and wonders whether he should just tell the whole neighbourhood. What I mean is if I had any grievances to air I shouldn’t have done it in public.

Mark thinks they could if they moved interstate. Brad goes over to look at the paintings on the lounge table whilst Lauren jumps up from the sofa to go and put some music on. Paige says Terese didn’t apologise and Brad says Terese said she did. She claims meighbours found out this morning, and wonders if they scheduled Bailey first for a reason.

Matt asks Toadie about Naomi, and says that he heard Naomi had been manipulating the situation with him for ages. Brad wants to know how she can seriously believe that Lauren has a thing for him. Brad pretends to play a guitar. Karl is surprised, but Georgia points out the doctors think that they are ten times better than the nurses and earn much more money and that, although she doesn’t usually care, it would sometimes be nice to be treated with a little respect and to have her opinions and voice heard.

Alice can’t believe he’s giving up.

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