As a self-confessed lifelong radio comedy nerd, I don’t think ‘dream job’ is too strong a phrase. Have you considered telesales? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Newsjack Series 20 – February 1 You will also need to write an intro to each sketch that Angela will read out to introduce the sketch. Latest posts A short film:

Many writers advocate thinking of ideas but using the Sunday as a writing day if possible. I speak from bitter experience here. Make your point in as funny a way as possible, and then get out quickly. It will be very much for the writers as well as the audience, so keep your eyes peeled. Here’s a series 6 webchat , with links to three previous series 5 webchats below it and here: We expect a full report and a share of the bourbons when you return. The readers admit to getting bored after that.

Just waiting for an opportunity.

Here’s series 7’s ‘One Liner Rejects’ threadif people want to read them to get in the mood. Notify me of new posts by email. Last post by Wrenfoe on 2nd Aug Look through the history of episodes and listen to them.

Here’s the usual ‘trying-to-put-the-useful-stuff-all-in-one-post’ post Look forward to hearing about it. Sitcom Geeks podcast say lots and lots about Newsjackincluding interviews with Angela Barnes ep 70the commissioned writers ep 69 and more. Good luck everyone putting material in this series. Know what your angle is, then fill with jokes.


And StephenM’s ‘ Billy Footballer ‘. That’s a dictionary, not an encyclopedia FFS!

My last submissions for Newsjack Series 6. » David Salisbury – Writer

So this new section of the show is called “Newsjackpedia”? I want comedy, not political point scoring. However, that does not mean you are guaranteed to get stuff on, just the opportunity to get more personal rejections!

They would be very interesting to read…. Come on, one last credit… Share this: Last post by Teddy Paddalack on Saturday 16th February, What do you think of my chances with that one? Make your domedy in as funny a way as possible, and then get out quickly. And Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch’s now an in-house writer!

I’d like to see some jokes, which make fun of the absurdities of the Cult of Corbyn. Whilst at Youngest Media she was part of the team that devised comedy entertainment format Game of Clones, soon to be seen on E4. Angela Barnes is the brand new host of Newsjack!

It’s thefirst day I’ve had chance to do some Newsjacking today.


Opportunities forum – British Comedy Guide

This represents a shift in the way comedy is developed, and a link to the modern way in which media is consumed. Thanks Adrian – really useful. Newsbiscuit – Looking for new writers. That is so sad. Thosisd Sunday 9th September8: Submissions As usual the submissions are to be sent to newsjacksubmissions bbc. Here’s a series 6 webchatwith links to three previous series 5 webchats below it and here: More solid proof that the NJ team are a bunch of humourless idiots.

Newsjack: the writers’ meeting

I don’t think much of their examples. And although I do say this as an only intermittently successful Newsjack writer! I have only just seen the addition of Newsjackpedia.

More tech gags wanted! Wonder how long it took them to think of that. Fourm post by Paul Bruce on Monday 7th January, Gjp69 Saturday 8th September ,

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