Jae Hee rushes to see Maru in his office and asks if he is really marrying Eun Gi? Lawyer Ahn has his lackeys go grab Jae Shik. Eun Gi asks her dad what matters to him? Loved the drama my favourite for the year, I was thankful it was a happy ending I just loved Maru and EG so much I wanted them to end up together. If she had to face her crime she would kill herself. But I have no complains about the ending…I just wished there could have been more shown to get to that ending. I was thinking the same way too.

He chides her for drinking at work and looking quite vulnerable right now. And then he offered to take the fall from Jaehee. Lawyer Park never married but remained kind, all-understanding, and pretty. He notices In Woo and Young Kwang are all beat up and asks if they fought. But those are not really a big pro so it alright. I was thinking the same way too.

I expected to started with episodes of the backstory with their childhood and all that jazz but it’s surprising that we dive right into the story on the first ep. Thank you Koala for your super detail recap!

She tells him to get out! Maru stops him, and the two adorably bicker, even though the subject matter is grave — the boy wants to e;isode discharged since his brother has no money to pay the bill, and Maru eventually agrees to take charge of his hospital bills.

Nice Guy Episode 4 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Or a current alternate reality version of them that Maru had wanted. Maru is introduced to the Chairman who asks Maru to dine with them. Oh, wholeheartedly agree with you, javabeans.

So EG did not help MR with recovery, never said who she was when he lost his memories recycled and abused amnesia trick, again?! Why was Maru none too surprised to see her in a shady motel in the first place? She wonders who to ask? His voice is nearly shaking when he tells her to turn herself in — if she was just acting in self defense to keep the man from hurting her, then the police will understand. If you love a snake, you r going to get bitten by one.


In Woo thinks that suicidal, but Jae In encourages him with a smile. She heads outside to see if Young Kwang is on his way home.

Watched this for Joongki, but right from the bat i figured Moon Chae Won is goung to be my fave character here.

Nice Guy Episode 16 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

ChaeKi is such a cute couple name, I love it!!! The same lady who barged into his hospital room looking for what he wanted out of her koalasplaygroind back. I think the guyy thing.

I think he should fight for her love and her forgiveness, just as she needs to find out he has a hematoma from their accident. I am second to you, I also need painkiller while watching the last 3 episodes.

What kind of person does she think he is? You make a valid point. Choco — unknown illness, cannot be left alone and in the rain, grandiose delusions about singing, obsessive about JG EG — unknown chronic condition, sometimes acute, paranoia, brain injury, retrograde amnesia, hysterical amnesia, episodw stalking of MR MR — martyr, hematoma from benign to deadlystabbing, retrograde amnesia, tolerance to bad food JH — narcissistic, antisocial, promiscuis, needs jewelry Jae Shik — juvenile delinquent, gambler, abuser, needs homemade food Ahn — obsessive, murderous, needs new haircut Lawyer Park — faking gayness, brain epizode, needs to get laid.

I know this yuy probably wont do anything novel plotwise and its going to be one standard those makjang sp? The scandal breaks and everyone is made aware of it — Maru sitting in his car, Eun Gi in her wedding dress in the waiting room, Jae Hee in front of the guests.

Nice Guy Episode 20 Recap

Jae Hee tells him to turn himself in and proclaim his innocence then. As much as I love the pedestrian scene one of my fave the rest of Maru is bleeding scene is just ridiculous.


In Woo walks out of that room and calls his doctor. And MCW doesn’t need any introduction to good acting Jae Shik suddenly asks if she also koaoasplayground Maru dead? Maru rushes out of the hospital to find Eun Gi. This makes it look like a company that just nkce a contract with Tae San gave Eun Gi a pay off. Ha, forever the bad guy justification for not stopping in their nefarious plans.

At the bridal salon, Eun Gi steps out modeling a wedding dress koalaspalyground Maru arrives. The men find a flash drive and one of them ask Maru to head back to the office for an interview. So no boating until he gets that hematoma fixed! Maru grew up in relative poverty but he is well-adjusted and smart enough to get into med school. Maru walks through Tae San and Jae Hee is lurking around the corner waiting for him.

Jae Hee laughs, saying that if she wants something, she will attain it. Thanks alot for the recap. Eun Gi hears this and knows that if Maru did anything it was because of her. Maru smiles and lies that they have never kissed before. She has a choice to leave or stay. Decided I cannot watch nnice unless it is fully subbed since there are too many tricksey fpisode in the dialog that I have been missing.

Dae Sung hears and says OMG and screams for the man to be told he is overseas on business. He will protect her and not lose her again.

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