When he walked out of the police station and she was there the look in his eyes and on his face was of a complete love. Is he capable of doing anything now? His smile to EK means, he actually remember her. At least I hope Eun Gi finds the reason why she held on to him despite knowing his bad intention before the accident. Especially while they are the stage where love blinds rationale. Jae Shik stands in the bathroom as Maru shaves. It is so interesting when these characters claim they do these terrible things for the love of someone else.

Maru says that chaebols cannot get away with everything these days and if there is an investigation, it will be bad. We, just like our heroine, want to believe in that love. This drama has almost come full circle. Thanks for the recap. I hope ending drama happy comes true. Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! Maru gave the ring to EG he bought before? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Jae Hee is furious that he thinks she wants to try and kill Eun Gi. Eun Gi witnesses Maru embracing a crying Jae Hee and is once koalasplagyround broken hearted by her decision to trust Maru yet again.

I mean, Fpisode SO wanted these two characters to find peace and happiness together, but the way things happenned seemed so odd. Well written dramas with good or satisfying end. She tells the person not to let this news spread in the office.


It was a mix of influences that had brought Jae-hee to this point. One moment of admittedly-integrated-but-still-completely-obvious use of product placement later, and Eun-ki has the license plate. Only one more week? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Right now, the answer is no, and that hurts. Totally koalasp,ayground me of the time when Reply was airing.

Too bad the fantasy element went the way koalasplaygrund all the world, because it was the only real interesting part of the koalasplauground for me. I have the same questions. She just leave all her rights like that? He had the realization that what he had done in the past was wrong and did not help her.

He is my favorite character of the year. This drama is really coloring my world with a sweet kind of malancholia.

Spoilers from the Long Preview for Episode 19 of Nice Guy

Jae Hee arrives with a package of food and says Eun Gi left so suddenly that day, is it because Eun Gi has some sort of misunderstanding towards Jae Hee about causing the allergic reaction?

Will both be the same thing, and she always wanted a happy ending all along. Maru has spent this whole drama taking care of people and and holding the world of guilt. Maru then launches into his attack, asking if Yesung really laundered money and Tae San found out and used it to pressure Yesung to accept their offer. That cracked me up.


Spoilers from the Long Preview for Episode 19 of Nice Guy | A Koala’s Playground

Thankfully it never strayed over the line, but I often wonder what this drama could be if even the music was less in-your-face and more quietly powerful the way the directing gky. Expressionless, Maru answers yes.

This is also the first episode where Maru completely shows us and the other characters how he really feels. Why does this people so easily have amnesia? Tnk u Ms Koala for your post. Eun Gi gets dressed and leaves the house, going back to her old house and walking around outside. What is gut between them — unspoken. She hides away in the stairwell as she realizes why Maru said kowlasplayground those things to her about her lack of judgment, and refuses to take his call.

Great recap as always.

If the writer doesn’t do that, would you have stayed to watch to the end? I actually saw the orange juice scenes in KoD and had to run to the kitchen to get some Episodes by odilettante. The next day, Maru ends up at his old house, surprised to find that Jae-hee now owns it.

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