She wasn’t ashamed at all except when her grandmother saw her. Nothing much happened and it felt like five minutes or so. P LMAO, i was just going to say the same thing. I liked it though, the story is more or less present. Still enjoyed it though. I was hoping to see what happens after Bake- because it felt like a preparation for something greater.

I made some gifs if anyone’s interested. Seems they’ve completely butchered the franchise. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Despite that the fan service was not as bad as Mayoi or Shinobu. It’s definitely worth the laughs, but it really doesn’t feel quite like bake.

Damn, -monogatari never disappoints. Obviously since I liked Bakemonogatari I have no problem with sexually oriented themes I have my limits, but let’s not get into an argument about every individual’s arbitrary linesbut we don’t seem to be getting any story episodee at all, which is different than what I’m expecting.

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More Top Redcit 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Hmmmmm, some Kanbaru fan service? Nah I’m just kidding Kanbaru was always my favorite. Even the sisters seem to be giving off some weird vibes. GIFs were done and posted in the club: Still enjoyed it though.

That would be fair! Cause i’ve seen some rwddit in the past and she had shoulder length hair even this episode showed her as this unlike last episode, so is the short hair just an anime thing? What I am say is that if you count how much ecchi was in Bakemono and Nisemono so far that it wouldn’t be truthful to say Nisemono has more of it.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. However the fanservice didn’t bother me because while it may have been a bit more like with the Kanbaru scene, Bakemonogatari did have scenes like the ones in here, people in last episode’s post already showed how reddt where similar scenes in Bakemonogatari to the Hachikuji last episode.


I can’t say this nissmonogatari certain since i didn’t read the novels but from the synopsis alone, the plot should be coming soon since this episode already foreshadowed that the guy Karen is after is the guy spreading around the “curse” and the same guy responsible for Nadeko last season, so while you are entitled to your preferences i suggest you have a little more patience, because almost every show has episodes like this, and many of those said shows still turn out great, some turn out crappy of course but since this is from the Monogatari series I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

The delicately injected awkward scenes have now been replaced with a blatant waste of everyone’s time, meaning a ton of sex jokes and plain fanservice. It was just a series of loosely connected characters having their different supernatural problems solved every few episodes. He would probably be killed if Senjougahara found out what happened there.

Araragi got a taste of his own medicine I think it’s totally alright that some people are holding the lack of so called nisemonogatri plot” against it. Despite that the fan service was not as bad as Mayoi or Shinobu.

I’m not sure Sengouhara would react if she found out. Second OP was awesome too.

I was worried that they’d only have one Nisemonogstari, but yes! If not rape it definitely looks like she was playing with his manhood against his will. Bakemono didn’t have plot either. Kanbaru doesn’t seem to care about what Araragi is thinking at all first of all telling she is naked and then showing half of her body the him when he arrives there.

Tho i have to respect Araragi to be able to resist them.

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I must say, I’m really starting to warm up to this show. This series is oozing with sexual tension. This show really is turning into a full blown harem. I have to agree mostly – seeing as how some obviously like it then it’s not a waste of everyone’s time No of course not, I did not like that part but this is to remind that there is some uncensored version out there less this is shopped which I doubt from the logo.


So far we have seen 2 episodes and have seen the same amount of sexual scenes per girl and have yet to get into the problem solving part reedit the story.

I don’t even know what the mark you are referring to is. I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been anything truly supernatural yet rrddit Hachikujuso maybe that’s it. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I am not saying which is better, I’m just pointing out the different way the two stories are being packaged, told, and paced.

I loved the episode. But unless something changes, stick to that. Well, that’s one way of looking at it, but I suppose we won’t really know if that’s how it turns out until after we’ve seen the episodes to come and see if it balances out in the end.

Anyone can fill me in on why Tsukihi’s hair is short? I liked the episode; I’ll comment more once Commie’s release is out. There’s a full HD version???

I also remind some people in the episoee this is from last episode. Can’t say I’m as fanatic as many others, but I have this urge to rewatch it again, as I did with the first episode.

Age wise Nadeko passes on the mark but Kanbaru is more than mature enough. If it’s something you’ve made up in your head please keep it to yourself. I agree with you there.

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