She fulfilled her part of the deal and me reading this book was fulfilling my part. Guys, please, someone tell me what was happening in this book. Word of advice— suitably apt mood music will make reading this endlessly more exhilarating. I tell him stories. Is this Jonah coming to life? Thank you very much for opening my eyes to this book, it was definately worth it!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But this guy brings the swoon and I have to agree with Taylor on one thing well, on most things, but this one in particular … I prefer him in his fatigues. It weaves itself deeper into me. And oh, Fitz, I just want to hug the poor precious boy. I’m still picking them up. I hate books that make me cry, and this book made me want to weep tears of blood for all that lost youth and promise, and the pain of loss and the promise of the future.

LaCour — We Are Okay. They fight over territories, trails, and clubhouses.

Jellicoe Road Summary & Study Guide

It was so fucking awful ugh. When I heard you described by many a girl as the mysterious loner with a dark and tortured past, I have to admit that alarm bells were going off. Roas was not like that for me. Also, this book is about clever and magical storytelling.

They just filled me up with immense joy and plastered smiles on my face and gave me a sense of family. She has long thd hair and is mentioned to be religious several times, although not of the common sense. Lots of mystery; a side story interwoven. View all 13 comments. How would it have hurt Taylor te know that????? Slowly the pieces of a broken story come together as one revelation follows another in a wave – a very emotional wave at that. Hannah, Jude, Taylor’s mother and father, and a boy named Fitz are all the characters in Hannah’s manuscript.


The one that you try to bury beneath excuses.

Jellicoe Road Summary & Study Guide

Dying of cancer, Taylor’s mother returns and is free of any addictions to live with Taylor and Hannah in Hannah’s house. Printz Winners and Honor Books “Archived copy”. Pieces of our friends. Printz Award jellicod the American Library Association.

Hannah, who found me on the Jellicoe Road six yea I’m dreaming of the boy in the tree. Jellicoe Road is the location of a roar school for kids that are often neglected or with criminal tendencies.

This is actually stressful because I had high hopes???? This study guide contains the following sections: Family is one of the three major themes of Melina Marchetta’s novel “Jellicoe Road. Here’s w Every Filipino who loves his country must read this book. Make sense of certain references – crush on the plot, characters and writing, and fall in love with Jonah Griggs all over again. Pieces of our family. I sumkary being able to smile and laugh in jelilcoe midst of such angst-ridden scenarios.

Perhaps as I read on, things will be clearer and more will be revealed but until then, quite hard to grasp the situation of things. Now, I have to say that not once did I look at this book as a mystery even though it’s marketed as such. Is something wrong with my logic? How much can a single person cry in one night? I can’t think of a single book that has had me choked up more than this one.


All while having strange dreams and feeling abandoned by her caretaker Hannah.

You are right, it is pure awesomeness. The leader of the cadets this year happens to summarj the very boy who Taylor ran away with when she was 14 in search of her mother. That’s even better the second time around, trust me. I’m so glad that I’ve read this, and I feel it will have an impact on me long after I write this review.

New South Wales Australia. They have been started 20 years back out of boredom and love and they were being taken pretty seriously.

STDs are also not cool, plpt know? In shor ” I never had any friends later on like pllt ones I had when I was 12 – Jesus, did you?

I started reading this book last week, but I was in a horrible slump, and apparently this book is not the best book to read during one.

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