Personally, I suggest you spend the money on IP. Come on brah, be honest. Source for the Tamako Market thing. Realizing her potential Yaichi agrees to help with her training without Ai knowing, until his secret is exposed by a coincidental meeting. I’ll have to check out Assassination Classroom, I rather enjoy Majin. Manga is way better though. The characters are kind boring, the show is moving slowly, and there’s some weird crap going on that isn’t even interesting enough to keep me watching.

D I only check this thread cause it’s a pain in the ass to go both places. There are a few scenes actually that are some of the most expensive scenes in anime history. Team Mion although Rena is a close 2nd, S2 is lulzy as fuk though, that tag game was killing me. I haven’t seen any of reboot material yet on Space Battleship Yamato, wasn’t much of a fan, but I’m hearing better than great stuff about it, especially in production value. I don’t think we will see Gon ever come out of a fight unscathed. The human Hero penetrates into the demon world and faces the demon “king” alone planning to kill the demon king and end the war.

This series features the bad guys form the original series as the main cast, which I always love seeing. My reaction every 5 second http: Supplements my manlet genes. So as aniinkz not turn this into a novel, I’ll just list some others I’ve enjoyed and can’t remember if we spoke of or not.

Why did you have an exam in Aquatic Centre of all places? But I have always enjoyed watching the manga come to life with the animation. Hoping things pick up quick and no more fillers lmao r deze nikkas serious? I’m still watching Saki – Episode of side A whenever they release anillnkz new episode.

But only time will tell. Maoyu is great, but Spice and Wolf is anilinz masterpiece and likely the blueprint for this anime. Saint Seiya Episode G.


New Anime Chat Thread

Season 2 ends well enough for it to be a story on its own, but the continuing content of the other mediums far surpass it concluding it properly. Anyway, I thought this a typical body swap anime, but it’s anything but. Damnnn, chit is getting so real in these last few episodes of Shinsekai Yori.

Assassination Classroom – “Alien” thing not confirmed what he really is destroyed half the moon, said he’ll destroy Earth, oreshuea there’s a condition, he teaches for a class full of kids thought to be “losers” and they have to assassinate him within anjlinkz year.

The show follows the source material manga so you can’t really blame them for the slow parts because it was in the manga, like the randoms episodee about their family. Retrieved September 4, Lolibrah you still haven’t informed me of where I start in the Railgun universe.

Episoed don’t watch Naruto or One Piece anymore. D love the imoutos too I don’t watch phaggytime anime yet I have a higher compatibility with female users on MAL then I do with male users Find something interesting to watch in seconds.

Ore no kanojo to osananajimi ga shuraba sugiru episode 8 anilinkz

They’ve really started doing some awesome things these last few years. I love this show, a lot. The Ordshura complaint I had about about season 2 was that I liked the opening song for the first season better, the second opening was good, but borderlands was a much cooler opening.

Hentai Ouji among many others I guess that’s that. Episodee hilarious anime by the creators of K-On KyoAni. All times are GMT The two Ai’s take part in their first tournament, which is also the opportunity for Keika to finally be promoted to the professional league. So much anime I want to watch Haven’t miscked for a while, opens new thread Why would you do that to yourself.


D strong pickup for anilikz show. Reveals Series Ranking”.

It has so much personality ainlinkz ridiculous. I thought kite was pretty boring when he first came in, but the latest eps shown him to be a boss and a sikhunt. SEO audit and website analysis in traffic, social media, performance, back links, visitors and more. I need to catch up on this though before much comment as I’m lagging by about 2 episodes.

MFW I found the are two more installments.

Chit doesn’t update rather stays on the same number Sakuragi is a boss. Tempest is a weird one. Gargantia suddenly turned reeeallly good after that plot twist and the introduction with the “sick” captain. I’m also watching Oreshura from this season, but I’m not sure how much longer episove going to last.

Say for Armin I think that his character change was very foreseeable and that makes me question why the dragged out his arrival to this change for so long. It’s just too predictable thus far. I’ll do another post for the Winter season. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru average rating 4. It’s also a damn good romantic comedy; the only thing keeping Toradora! Dem feels when I edit my posts times to dodge bullets — yet there somehow seems to be someone who sees it.

Other shows I will recommend you are; Black Lagoon Rainbow: There is no Season 2 for Usagi Drop Confirmed. It’s amazingly good – and there’s actually consistent – gasp!

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