Nelson Coach bust out some kung-fu moves. Perfromances are sometimes a little stilted for whatever reason — to that end there are some interesting anecdotes within the fine documentary that accompanies this release — but there’s an unmistakable sense that even the actors aren’t quite on the same page with what, exactly, the story is trying to do with them, not so much superficially but rather on the more intimate level that makes them more than necessary plot movers but instead characters around whom the audience can rally, one way or another. He agrees to help “turn” one of them at their yearly sleepover weekend, in return for getting the high-level CIA chief Maxwell Danforth Burt Lancaster as a guest on his show. You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app. It significantly adds to the appreciation of this, the director’s last, film. So, not the definitive version we were hoping for, but a definite upgrade over the Anchor Bay BD.

Hopefully, the screen captures below give you an idea of the visual presentation. A Star Is Born. My disc arrived, and I had to pay 32 euros customs fees. Find More Posts by stepeanut. What do you make of the disc itself? Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to The Osterman Weekend.

I’m hoping that we can get some info on this, before one of us cracks and buys it. Reviewed by Glenn Erickson The phrase “content owner” appears to make the key difference when it comes to how a film is treated on DVD. John Rambo Service History.

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I’ve emailed the reseller on Amazon and asked if they can ship. The idea of surveillance cameras keeping a big-brotherly eye on a houseful of spies was a big bore inalong with the weak message that television brain-washes the masses.

The below Blu-ray captures were taken directly from the Blu-ray disc. Nelson Coach bust out some kung-fu moves. Find More Posts by McCrutchy. BD is, and wishing bllu would release the blj special edition. His various behind-the-scenes clashes are the stuff of Hollywood legend, but so too is his reputation for crafting a number of top films with layered character thematics and heavy doses of violence. Fassett, with Tanner’s blessing, bugs Tanner’s home in an effort to entrap the ostegman.


If Beale Street Could Talk. The picture deals with a wide swath of broadly defined and individually intimate subtexts alike, from simple revenge to complicated manipulation, from intrusive espionage to overt voyeurism. The weekend get-together soon turns from genial socializing to excessive drinking, fighting and paranoia. Any idea where somene in the U.

What’s your ostermxn t favori t e movie? The First Avenger 4K. Life of Pi We’ll find who was responsible for this After some initial reluctance, Tanner, agrees to help implicate his friends at their annual weekend reunion after seeing secret videotapes of his friends contacting shady people. Since the disc set is for avid Peckinpah fans and not average viewers, this is perhaps appropriate. Life of Pi Deep DiscountBuy. The group, which met in college and has stayed in touch ever since, includes Bernard Osterman Craig T.

The Crimes of Gri It all raises the question: Dragon Ball Super The Movie: The camera views are always optimized, interestingly composed and too tight to be real security or ksterman cameras. The Possession blj Hannah Grace.

REVIEW: The Osterman Weekend (1983)

A Star Is Born 4K. Can you challenge the amount? Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd revidw. Bucket Boy Is Back Online!

Chances are Peckinpah would have found some other issue to divorce himself from the film and condemn his producers, so as to retain that unbroken record. Audiences in search of more information are encouraged to check out the Blu-ray for the quality supplements that dig deeply into Peckinpah’s life and this film in particular. Fassett wants to use liberal television journalist and TV show host, John Tanner Rutger Hauerand mutual friend of all three men in the Omega Network, to convince at least one of them to cooperate with the government.


The image quality seemed a shade brittle and fragile to me not much and in zooming-in I could see some slight edge-enhancement see below. So, not the definitive version we were hoping for, but a definite upgrade over the Anchor Bay BD. This is the first time an original preview version of a Peckinpah film has been shown, and we can see for ourselves why the producers re-edited it.

I must have this!

The Osterman Weekend Blu-ray

Those ultra-sensitive to the practice – may find it more problematic. The Osterman Weekend requires more than a single viewing to fully understand, never mind fully appreciate to the extent that one can appreciate a movie that’s too murky for its own good.

What do you make of the disc itself? The apps are synchronized with your account at Blu-ray. Despite the minor edge-enhancement which for most viewers will be a moot pointI will still endorse this release – adding excellent value with the commentary and lengthy documentary. Into the Spider-Verse 4K.

Helen Shaver’s sex-obsessed wife isn’t much fun and Dennis Hopper and Chris Sarandon have little to do. But as the get-together turns deadly, are Tanner and his family being set up for the most shocking betrayal of all? Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to The Osterman Weekend. Reitman Wants To Fix Ghostbusters.

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