For example, when we reviewed this application we were in Mumbai and it showed us all information like movies running in nearby cinema halls, nearby restaurants, also various events happening around our location. The video editor lets you add subtitles and special effects, combine several clips, insert photos or create slideshows from selected pictures. Tapping on a contact name brings up a menu of numbers registered for that person — just tap to dial, etc. There are three home screens with the N8 and all of the available widgets plus any you download from the Ovi Store, can be used to customize your notification needs. Office Nokia provides Quick Office 6. There is also support for attachments, signatures and basically everything you would normally need on a mobile device. Also the sound quality is acceptable.

Thanks though, if anyone finds Nat Geo and Paramount please let me know. This thread is locked. Web browser is rather disappointing. On my N8 unit, all of the video seems to have a slight cool cast to them. If three panels are too much for you, you can also delete some of them. Marking a contact as favorite moves it on top of the list Editing a contact offers a great variety of preset fields and you can replicate each of them as many times as you like. The radio station name gets displayed with nice effects across the whole screen, while the rest of the RDS readings are displayed in nicely legible text on a line at the bottom. James Hauger on Nokia Communicator.

Pparamount other problem with the video player is the lack of any kind of subtitles support. In addition to those, as of the end of October99 operators in 29 countries support integrated mobile billing with Ovi Store. Homescreen goodness The story so far: The file manager With the Nokia N8 and its USB on-the-go support you can also use the file manger to access USB flash drives and even other phones connected over the supplied cable.


On the left, you can just about make out that the object is a bench. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

Watching a video on the Parammount Some restrictions do apply, though. Also bear in mind that if you have mkvie numbers assigned to a contact, the system will dial either the default number or the first in the list.

Hi Dennis, thank you for help. Slightly worrying, especially in view of the camera pretensions, is that the 12 megapixel camera glass is both relatively exposed and unprotected by a mechanical protector. This can save you some data traffic charges since you can use the next available WLAN connection instead.

And the thing is pretty loud too. Stereo audio recording in video mode, as on the original stunning for its time N N86 on the left, N8 on the right. Run it only with Integrated GPS 3.

Of course that same top-notch digital zooming method is the workaround for the longer minimum focus distance. RSS Feeds — lets can add any feed as a widget.

Tap to open the app and watch the video.

But for that there are dedicated applications available in the OVI Store. Productivity The Nokia N8 is like many smartphones in that it has the yeasers to work and play hard.

Paramount Pictures – Movie Trailers – iTunes

In contrast, on the Pixon 12 samples almost all the fine detail is lost because of the aggressive noise suppressing routines. With widgets you can add a lot of add a glance information and functionality to the home screen.

The first one puts the N8 head-to-head with the Samsung S Wave, which sports one of the best HD camcorders among cameraphones. All you need to do is find an unoccupied frequency slot within the standard FM scale between Quite aside from the omissions mentioned, there have been some new additions to the Symbian application set: For all the core OS applications and utilities this is true and it makes everything smoother and simpler, with a long-tap on list items bringing up a context-sensitive menu of options where appropriate.


Nokia N8 Review Week – Day 5 – Apps , Ovi Store and Ovi Maps

There is Automatic Scanning for alternative frequency. The first of which was the recently released PR1. It means that even when panning around, the amount of blurring and artefacts are surprisingly low. If an N8 user needs to actually edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files then the full editing version can be bought and unlocked over the air. It has full RDS support and that works pretty well. It sounds quite logical, but it needs getting used to.

Unable to perform operation. Still in most cases all you will need is to enter is your username and password and you will be good to go in no time. Better use of screen real estate. So for example what is in your URL box for Reuters? The N8, unsurprisingly, nails this photo perfectly, from the light and shade to the details and colours, even to the colour of the sky.

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