He performs it to his own utmost satisfaction. His wife did not have a high opinion of his abilities and did not consider him a successful person. Answer When Patol Babu got his role he was upset in the beginning. After the shot was over, he was waiting for Naresh Dutt to make the payment, when he realised that small role had given him immense satisfaction which no amount of money could have given. Match the meanings of the underlined words with their meanings listed below. It that he feels those people to be commercialised Who cannot recognise and appreciate actual talent. Patol Babu is an amateur actor who has left acting a long time ago. Success comes chasing him, who works not to please others but to his own self and his own satisfaction is the reward.

What does this suggest about Patol Babu? For that, we pick people from the street. In our busy lives, we seldom notice exceptional people who look quite ordinary. Patol Babu was reminded of the advice given to him by his mentor Gogon Pakrashi who had told him never to consider any role below his dignity and to give it his best, whatever the length of his role might be. Patol Babu felt humiliated and let down. When he made his second coming, it was on the celluloid screen.

It is the beautiful and unsullied mind that makes on unforgettable.

class ten english patol babu ncert exercise solution

Do you agree with the statement that Patol Babu is a practical man who comes to terms with whatever life has to offer? This realisation gave me immense satisfaction. He also shares his experience at the film shoot including the excitement and deep satisfaction that he derived from the same. At first, he could not believe that a man, who was fifty-two years old and a non-entity like him could get such an offer to act in a movie. He tried to give gilm a different inflexion, add all kinds of emotions and styles to this word.

Patol Babu was standing near the shooting site waiting for the shooting to start. This is only the first step on the ladder. Your expression after the collision was marvellous. All that you need for Class Why was Patol Babu particular about getting his dialogues in advance? Staf, he was very modest in his bearing and for quite some time had nurtured such kind of dreams.


I was about to leave at once, when the words of Gogon Pakrashi, my mentor, flashed in my mind. After giving a wonderful performance, he goes away feeling satisfied, without taking any money. The day of the film shooting arrived.

Patol Babu was a modest, talented and timid man. He felt that the movie actors were doing the scenes like machines without any passion. Did the director approve of the idea?

What was the full name of patol Babu?

Answer Patol Babu initially lost his temper sattyajit he came to know about his dialogue, He later regained composure when he remembered the words of his mentor and guru Mr Gogon Pakrashi who said that each word spoken in a play is like a fruit on a tree, Not everyone in the audience has access to it But an actor must know how to pluck it and get at its essence and serve it up to the audience for their edification.

In this way, he timed it very well. Well I reached before 8. How do we know that Patol Babu was a meticulous man? After all, all these years had blunted his sensibility. Best way to prepare for Class Acting was Patol Babu’s passion and he hadn’t got a chance to act for years.

Naresh Dun is speaking to Patol Babu. Then he had a job in a Bengali film. For him, getting a role and playing it to its true potential was more important than earning money from the role.

He would be given his lines as soon as he reached the shooting spot the next day. What were they doing? After Patol Babu returns home he recounts his experience in front of the camera to his wife.

Patol Babu was so deeply satisfied with his performance that he did not feel the need to take money for it. But look I am so satisfied.

By the way, the shooting takes place tomorrow morning. Patol Babu was worried that it might come off at the time he was to collide with the hero. A lesson one must never forget in life, to achieve success there are no short-cuts or magic it is hard work alone that takes us places quesion life.

In the case of the role, he accepts it and gives to it his all. For him his role was more important than the folm. He writes a diary entry in this state of mind. Through the lesson, Patol Babu, the writer depicts the dreams and aspirations of the small timers and the apathy of filmmakers for whom making films is a business.


Naresh Dun assured him that it was a speaking part and there was a dialogue! His early days were the days of stage and acting. Then remained an insurance salesman for ten years. Yes, because Patol Babu agrees to play the minor role of a pedestrian in the film he was associated with.

Short Answer Questions (with Solutions) Chapter 5 – Patol Babu, Film Star

Patol Babu recalls those times when he used to be an actor. It is true that he needed money very ba rupees when measu but what was twenty against the intense satisfaction of a small. The war is called wasteful because it destroys the monuments. When the offer to act in a film came to Patol Babu, he was very happy and excited that a man fifty-two years old and nobody could get such an offer.

I am impressed by your youngest brother-in-law, Naresh Dutt.

Class-10 Ch.5 Patol Babu,Film Star (Extra.Ques.)

Mullick turn down Patol Babu’s request for a rehearsal? After that, he had to give up his hobbies in the pursuit of his livelihood all through these years.

The director suggested that a moustache on Patol Babu would really look more interesting. Patol Babu is quite excited at getting that offer as it had rekindled questioj old flame of acting in him. Incidentally, the man who played the role was a surprise as he gave just the right expression.

When he came back, he narrated the whole episode to me how he made that small insignificant role, a memorable one and made his presence felt during the shot.

First, I was completely disappointed and thought that they filj made a laughing stock of me. Answer Patol Babu was taken aback by the acting offer.

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