I was really trying to stay away from this comment, but here I go Episode 4 by Regals. The terms bad girl and good girl need to be capitalized: Although I’m don’t condone her methodology, the problem with sharing your tactics on how to become a first rate schemer has to do with the sharing part. What she did is not all that far fetched from reality. Just as Seung-jo did.

Now that I think about it critically, Se Kyung is just able to assess a situation and think on her feet quicker than Yoon Joo. In a bad kdrama, maybe. Her crime was that she intentionally calculated her reception of Seung Jo based on his status and purse strings. Whats to prevent her from acting such again. Therefore, they shut it off when actually recording to get a crisper sound. Education may be a means to achieve the desired economic status in South Korea, but as this drama makes it clear, it is getting harder and harder for education to deliver more than a modest salaried living in South Korea. At that time she would have been focused on improving herself by getting optimum education credentials under her belt.

I found it quite laughable that Yoon-joo had this epiphany while talking to Tommy; these two have sorely underestimated the power of human emotions. Irfa persiapan Cheongdamdong Alice yg rencananya cheongdamsong duet sama saya It’s insulting my intelligence.

ActuallyI think in realitya person in IH’s stead would not have come thus far in wrecking so cheonbdamdong damage. She should look for someone who loves her and not her pocket book.

What annoys me is not so much that she changed her mind and made a decision based on emotions rather than business, but that there was zero set-up for this to happen.

Revelations patrarushh, but with somewhat unexpected results. I don’t know that she has more to lose.

sinopsis cheongdamdong alice episode 6 bagian 2

Tommy Hong was against Se Kyung until he saw himself in her and realized that she was functioning off determination and the emotions he thought would cause her to succeed. He hopes Il-nam can treat the girl he loves well. Tommy offers her another chance to go to Paris — he can easily get her a ticket and cover all her expenses, and just chwongdamdong the fall for everything. Maybe an attempt to accurately portray the career field some.


sinopsis cheongdamdong alice episode 6 bagian 2

Se-kyung’s crime was the letter. It was too easy.

Instead of watching and rejecting when things don’t occur within the context with which we are familiar, in the words of Morpheus from ‘The Matrix’, free.

Besides that, what will she have to look forward to? I was reminded why I dropped the series although Lilly January 22, at 2: For comparison, Cheongdam-dong is an elite level of rich class. I’ve seen women do crazy things in real life when they lost their men to another woman. Tapi Jung Woo menenangkan kalau ia adalah si kelinci gila dari bagian reserse kriminal, jadi Soo Yeon tak perlu khawatir.

I also find it funny that the women in the drama are always to be blamed. And Im not intending on making the lovely MGY look bad, but I seriously think that fringes don’t suit her. In desperation she took to begging on her knees. In Hwa has taken his place as the hated slimy, seedy character. Tiger Butterfly January cheonhdamdong, at 7: Love it when nothing turns out for her.

Seung Jo is creeping me out when he views the video, smiles, and says”There are two look a likes cheongdamxong people I know.

However if there is character I can’t fathom, it is Min hyuk. Her crime was that she intentionally calculated her reception of Seung Jo based on cheongfamdong status and purse strings. Yoon-joo is the most desperate of the three, and she quickly falls to her knees, begging for forgiveness.

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I do not think I want my bf to drop such a bomb to my family without consulting me first. Conditions from who she was independent single and now are different. Bila Halaman yangdituju tidak muncul, silahkan direfresh kembali halaman tersebut. Ratsuki January 22, at 4: I’d love to read your thoughts about why this relationship will cost her more if she loses it. That inconsistency of character is a real flaw in the writing.

Getting marry is a big thing and they barely started dating.


Unfortunately, his concept of who she is is just an ideal. VS January 21, at 6: VS January 21, at 1: As for the comment that equates US and UK in terms of rigid class system, let me just say that it is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. Tiger Butterfly January 21, at 6: We have to build coping skills to handle the short comings of others. Yoon-joo storms out, leaving Se-kyung alone with Tommy. If he meets Larry Hagman that would be super, super scary because he’s dead.

Yoon-joo blames Se-kyung for everything — if she had never shown up in Cheongdam-dong, no one would have ended up in this mess. Americans care about falling in love, but no one is blind to see alide marrying a rich person for the benefits.

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