And it’s very cheesy towards the end. There were several moments here that I thought were quite clever and I adored all the banter between Olivia and Lyon. There were a few scenes I would have liked to sit in a bit longer and a few more that I missed entirely. Yeah, whatever, it seems “historical accuracy” only ever counts when it comes to constraints for women. But here are my initial thoughts about the book Also kidnapping your ex-girlfriend is not a romantic gesture guys!

This ruined the book for me and I hated continuing and didn’t want to bother. I keep returning to reread sections, and I am certain I will reread the full book again and again. I love Julie’s characters and how different every couple she creates and how accurately they are matched. Taken on its own, I would have probably given it somewhere in the range of 4 stars. They are also very young. How could you not be at least a little bit moved by Olivia picking an orange from the tree in front of Lyon’s house? They are similar, they have common interests, views on life, they both are strong and intelligent, they can read each other and understand without words.

This was a sweeping, grand love story, the one we’ve all been waiting for. Like a huge, rushed, contemporary info dump sreies onto the end of an historical series. They lived happily ever after You made the wrong choice.

But oh what a fun reunion it was!

The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long – Sophia Book Review – Cannonball Read 11

I needn’t have worried. This left an unpleasant taste in my mouth, but there was more to come. Yes but it’s also the ending those of us that have been there from the beginning ultimately deserved.

I would have had more respect for him if he had, during the parting scene when they were young, said to her I know you can’t come with me as I can’t support you, but hang on for me, I’ll be back in a year or two or three when I’ve made my fortune to come get you. It ruined the entire series because it’s info dump that takes place in There had been pleasure since then, some of it extraordinary, some of it memorable, all of it mindless, in the arms of other women.


This is actually quite a complex romance. Yes, that were my thoughts while reading this scene. Turns out the big romance of the series – that endured for 11 books – was a case of teenage infatuation and the hero being angry the heroine wouldn’t run off with him to live a life of poverty and danger.

Even with the subpar editing, the cruel way Lyon confirmed that he was not celibate during his years away from Pennyroyal Green, and the inconsiderate way Olivia left her fiance at the altar, this book was a 5 star read. What about “historical accuracy” when it comes to Lyon being a pirate and trying to abolish slavery and not dying during that time?

The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long

Roland Tarbell cousin and deceased; see POP. I wanted to write something that felt panoramic in scope and multi-dimensional, because I think it makes the stories feel that much more real to the reader. This whole series has been up and down in quality in my opinion the best being What I Did for a Duke and It Started with a Scandal for the wonderful writing and How the Marquess Was Won lyyon the lovely story, and this story fit into a secondary category of good story, but not as wonderful writing as the two aforementioned books.

I even skimmed ahead, and it only further cemented that I’m glad I quit.

The Legend of Lyon Redmond

I knew which stories needed to be told, and I made decisions based on previous books in the series and how powerfully a given story was speaking to me at the time. This is a gushable book. Well, where should I start?


A HEA doesn’t mean people die, it means they just fade away It satisfied–and exceeded–every expectation, and it also has me happily reordering three of my lists–favorite JAL books, Best ofand top all-time romance novels. And suddenly she hated him as much as she loved him for forcing her to make this decision, now, in the pouring rain, in the dark.

Maybe it’s because we’ve spent so much time with them throughout the previous 10 books, or Long just wrote it convincingly, but I bought it. But the way it was depicted was anti-climatic. They are similar, they have common interests, views on life, they both are strong and intelligent, they can read each other and understand without words.

Mar 30, Bips99 rated it did not like it. Blackjack1 September 21, at 4: As time passes they seem to intensify in my mind. And it’s very cheesy towards the end.

Julie Anne Long on Lyon and Olivia and coming to an end in Pennyroyal Green

Lyon pennnyroyal Olivia on his ship to his beautiful home in Spain. I think it’s one of Sherry’s Thomas’s books separating and reuniting stories being one of her specialities where, during the separation from the hero, the heroine has slept around, become somewhat of a society darling and, on the sly, opened up a money lending company to lend exclusively to women.

In the next five years he becomes many things: Characters and dynamics take over occasionally and the direction of the story changes. I wish someone else would write another story for Lyon and Olivia. PJ Ausdenmore September 29, at Yreen how your comment data is processed.

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