Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who is mistaken as gay when he applies to become Park Gae In’s roommate. Tae-hoon resists the idea so Sang-jun resorts to begging him, which Hye-mi happens to see as she walks up to the office in search of Jin-ho. And thus, the separation begins. Thank you thank you. We all will have to wait and see if KaeIn has grown more strong [and mature] as JinHo hopes all along. He slinks away, feeling defeated.

So basically, this fight is just one big jealous, insecure mating dance. Jin-ho starts to explain, but before he can get very far, visitors burst in — a drunk Hye-mi, followed by Tae-hoon. Chang-ryul, In-hee, Sang-jun, Young-sun, and Do-bin. He can do that much. Did you think that you could solve the problem easily by pushing me off onto Director Choi? Girlfriday thanks to you and JavaBeans and your recaps I became hooked on this show!! He practically shouts at her: Thanks girlfriday for the terrific and very funny recap.

Download the latest version here. The visual effect of all those pillars disappearing into the background was pretty cool, actually.

While driving Kae-in home, Chang-ryul takes a call with his father. I thought we were in the clear what with all the cute hand-holding in this drama. It almost seem like GI is making fun of gay men or is she being dim. Kae-in lets slip that she knows he spent the night with In-hee, surprising him enough to stammer. How is one to sleep at night? And thus, the separation begins.

Thanks for the recap: To her eyes, it looks like Kae-in is seeking revenge on Chang-ryul just so that she has a project to do with Jin-ho, and not the other way around. Kae-in brings the topic back around to Eun-soo, as he never answered her question. That just made my day! All the actors are doing a good job-just the script or directing is a bit off. Kae-in gets a call from Chang-ryul who insists on waiting outside until she comes out to talk to him.


Personal taste episode 8 soundtrack?

Part of me don’t want the extension but part of me can’t let go of this couple with only 5 episodes left. And Lee Min Ho as an actor is just standing epieode his perfect height!!! Best three out of five. Kae-in is only rooming with Jin-ho because she dramacraz him to be gay. I’m biting my tongue here Episodes by LollyPip. Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes preposterous, yet this show has managed to utterly charm me.

How would they benefit if she knew he were straight? Your comedic relief makes reading your recaps 5x more enjoyable. But alas, the girl knows how to count.

Personal Taste: Episode 10 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Realism epiwode out the window: Jin-ho and Kae-in walk in the park, and Jin-ho asks when the revenge scheme will end. Like I am with you, I want to see you trembling because of me. Wondering why Jin-ho persoonal acting like this, she demands an answer from the doll. Young-sun comes over to try and talk some sense into her about Jin-ho. He totally redeemed himself for me when he exploded in the car with Hye Mi and Tae Hoon though!

Now In-hee speaks up in defense of Jin-ho, who tries to walk away from the fight. This was quiet and it just sort of spoke for itself. Cause it kind of feels like one now. Get peersonal grubby paws off of him! Jin-ho gets right to the point and says he has something to tell him. The four of them run into each other at the musical, of course as planned by In-hee and Chang-ryul.


Personal Taste: Episode 11 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Really love your side comments! Is it something that can be fixed? Young-sun has prepared a nice spread for her debut at matchmaking, and Do-bin arrives, spiffed up and basket of flowers in hand.

Han called Jin-Ho’s mom “wife of my brother”, could that just have meant brother in the close-relationship epusode and not sibling? This is one of the best recap episodes of Personal Taste.

Thank you for getting us the recaps in lightning speed!!! He can do that much. Can’t wait for your Episode 10 recap! She invites him to Sang-go-jae for dinner, using his kindness to Kae-in as an excuse.

Well, he sees dramxcrazy logic in that. Hey javabeans, thanks for the speedy recap! And that’s saying a lot because CP remains to be my favorite of all time! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page. Is she so great?

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