The appropriate complex potential is;! The other real vortex and the image vortices move a similar distance, but symmetrically relative to the aircraft centerline and the ground. Upon completing his military service in , he accepted a position as Associate Professor of Engineering at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine. The intent of this instructional package originally at the Naval Postgraduate School and in its current incarnation at Maine Maritime Academy was to relieve students of the laborious plotting associated with flow visualization. The Magnus effect In the early ‘s, the Prussian army noted that rounds fired from their artillery pieces were falling long or short of the target, for no apparent reason. An additional topic that may be discussed is the path taken by the wingtip vortices after they are shed; the point must be made that each vortex real or image cannot induce any velocity on itself. Circle theorem With the aircraft trailing vortex example, the aircraft centerline was seen to be a plane through which no flow passed; similarly, an aircraft in ground effect also had no flow through the plane that represented the ground. The professional edition of MathCad was also available for both classroom instruction and afterhours use on the local-area network.

Equipotentials and streamlines for free stream of strength U0? Students should be encouraged to invoke the circle theorem for multiple vortices? It is a simple matter to plot the resulting streamlines using either of the last two equations in MathCad; additionally, if the second equation is used, the change in streamline values which occurs when the last term is included or left out can be readily and quickly observed. At this point, a discussion of viscous effects and separation is appropriate, since the real flow would separate from the cylinder somewhere in the first quadrant i. Sample output, recommended lecture topics, and suggested topics for further study are presented, and the address of a web site containing a prepared lecture is provided http: Upon completing his military service in , he accepted a position as Associate Professor of Engineering at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine. A detailed lesson plan file in MathCad worksheet format is provided to all students to follow along during the lectures and to use as a study guide.

Since there can be no flow through the ground, the horizontal velocity there is the total velocity. In fact, what this situation represents is the flow pattern exhibited by a lifting wing, with a trailing vortex emanating from each wingtip. Aerodynamischen Institut an der Technischen Hochschule Streamlinws, 6, pp.


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This tended to either keep the Fig. Magnus discovered that when the projectiles were subjected to a crosswind in flight, the velocity on either the top or bottom of the spinning projectiles depending on the wind’s direction was augmented by the wind.

Milne-Thompson, Theoretical Hydrodynamics, 5th ed. X dy dx where 0 and 2 are, respectively, the equipotential and stream functions for the flow; they are orthogonal, and give rise to the complex potential function: Vallentine, Applied Hydrodynamics, Butterworths, London The lesson plan provided on the MathCad web site may be easily modified to suit individual teaching preferences or topics.

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MathCad’s contour plotting capabilities and its ability to handle complex numbers permit rapid depiction of basic flows and linear combinations of these flows with relative ease, allowing students to concentrate on understanding the material and broader concepts. Since MathCad may arbitrarily select the contour values, adjacent contours may then appear very dense or very sparse. The course provides students with a variety of numerical methods and techniques numerical integration, differentiation, finite difference methods, interpolation, curve fitting, solution of differential equations and systems of differential equations, etc.

Detailed analysis of these flow visualizations permits not only the streamline and equipotential patterns to be obtained, but also the location of critical points in the flow, such as stagnation points.

Maixner cent will be realized when compared to the fuel consumption of a more conventional vessel of the same size [16]. A sink is merely a source of negative strength. Broome, Interactive graphics display of inviscid fluid flows developed using conformal transformations, IJMEE, 6 4pp.

Karman problem see text imaginary component of position in the complex plane?

As a consequence of the Cauchy-Riemann equations, the streamlines and equipotential lines are orthogonal for all potential flows and for all linear combinations of these flows. Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8th ed. In the case of a vortex situated at zreal in the vicinity of a circular cylinder of unit radius, the circle theorem gives the complex potential: MathCad performs a linear interpolation between gridpoints to establish contours of the quantity being plotted either 0 or 2 ; the 0ij or 2ij are stored as a matrix of equally spaced values, without reference to the coordinates at which 0 or 2 are evaluated.

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The topic of potential flows is presented in the latter part of the term, so students will already be familiar with MathCad when this subject is reached. Von Karman’s method begins by placing a series of sources towards the bow along the centerline i. It is also instructive to plot the velocity on the surface of the cylinder at several points for the ideal i.


The bores of the artillery pieces were rifled to impart a spin to the rounds as they traversed the barrel to introduce stability to the round after exiting the muzzle. Wing in ground effect As an extension of the lifting wing problem, consider an aircraft in close proximity to the ground i. Notice that the streamlines all emanate from the origin of the source, and that the equipotential lines and streamlines are everywhere perpendicular.

With the advent and proliferation of personal computers and software since then, the same capability is now available on desktop and laptop computers.

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This particular problem may be easily handled with MathCad. Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics, ed. The power of complex variables may be used to depict this region of higher velocity for the two-dimensional, rather than the three-dimensional case i. A Parallel Lattice Bol Note that in order to obtain the actual velocity, we must take: Maixner Michael Rex Maixner graduated with distinction from the United States Naval Academyand served as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy for 25 years; his first 12 years were spent as a line shipboard officer, while his remaining service was spent strictly in engineering assignments.

A Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly Ship, web site http: Equipotentials and streamlines for a doublet of strength “? As part of this course, students receive instruction in the representation of ideal fluid flows as a complex function whose real and imaginary parts are, respectively, the potential and stream functions.

The appropriate complex potential is;! Version 8 of Mathcad supports multiple plots of different types, as well as multiple contour plots.

In the s, Theodore von Karman was contracted by the Zeppelin company to investigate the pressure distributions on airship hulls.

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