Lisa Moore is the author of Caught for which she was nominated in To me, this book is the definition of courage and a lesson in the power of story. Certainly, writing does not silence words; it produces another sense of them. It reflects a total lack of structure in the world, not merely lack of ethical or social structure. Backstrom’s remorse if it is explicable at all — is occasioned by his awareness that he has no connection whatever, in body, mind or spirit, with that providence. In a nice inversion of the tragic role of Fortune, Backstrom becomes Fortune’s fool through good rather than bad fortune. Not only is this perhaps the greatest passage on peeing in literature better than Rabelais or Swift , it is also attached intimately and significantly to its time and place.

Formally defined, realism means a rational and unified plot with a main action to which incident and chance event are rationally subordinated. The Studhorse Man is a novel of the road, but it begins and ends in the vicinity of Notikeewin and Coulee Hill. Those who are neither rigorous nor fastidious may hear the delicate tracery of Kroetsch’s prose through the hyperbole and vulgarity of which it is composed. They knew, those men, studying their cards in the presence of Old Lady Lang, they knew there was no meaning anywhere in the world. Nonetheless the persons involved in the actions are fully identifiable sociological and psychological types — as in realistic fiction. Michael Crummey was nominated in for his novel The Wreckage.

Rational plot and stable character tell the reader that God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world, while an irrational plot and unstable character tell him that all Hell’s broke loose. A boy rides a bull in a rodeo for the full time, “making points all the way for style. Furthermore, he completely ignores narrative studhorsd, does not combine game theory with meaningful close reading, and cannot account for the relationship between narrative and form and the means by which genre and other formal elements transform the models he applies.

The term godgame may be extended to include all instances of a certain kind of literary illusion. And, in that moment, Demeter exchanges subject positions with the studhorse man. Michael Winter been nominated twice: She is honest about class, race, poverty, and prejudice in The Divinersand strikes studhores blow against anything that stinks of faux-politeness or moral indignation. It seeks rationality and coherence elsewhere than in plot and character.

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We push to a point where we risk losing. Certainly, writing does not silence words; it produces another sense of them. Playing schmier, the men separate themselves from the world they cannot control.


Man, it felt good, just to be half-loaded and the pressure easing up in your bladder and the old tool mxn firmly in the right hand.

The Studhorse Man

One miserable week of joy, including a day of rest. In a world mired in seemingly never-ending conflicts, The Wars reminds us that despite the nationalistic rhetoric of our politicians, war is a grim, unheroic business indeed.

In romance narratives the setting functions metaphorically rather than representationally. But not all narrative nor all fiction is designed to fulfil such explanatory expectations. He withheld an ace and Marvin Straw, finally, counted two points. Reading Mavis Gallant is basically a patriotic duty. The clown started his quick sidestep. We watered the parched earth. In addition, Studhorxe posit that figurative language might influence us to utter the words we normally tsructure to ourselves.

There it is, pressed onto every one of these pages, a miracle.

The best Canadian fiction of all time as chosen by Canadian novelists

All day they were boss, but now it was ours. Bakhtin explains how social superiors and their inferiors exchange places during the medieval feast. Is Hazard in the position of Marvin Straw, being allowed to win in order to be kept in the game, or is he simply a loser whose endless winning undermines the pleasure of the game, robbing it of the desire and process that give it meaning? As Demeter replaces Hazard as the subject of his narrative, he becomes the enunciating subject.

One might conveniently classify virtually all narratives on the basis of four distinct grounds: The characters in the novel, whose matter is domestic event, are defined in terms of strucgure and psychological types.

They thought the clown would jump up and run for his barrel. Perhaps the game begins that way, but its vast duration, the devotion that the men dedicate to continuing to play, and the physical and emotional toll that the game takes on them all suggest ov the order offered by the game becomes wildly bent and exaggerated. The story, in other words, is neither a plausible sequence of rationally related events, ths an implausible sequence of unrelated events, but a metaphorical pattern of event.

My interest here is in the term jan only when applied to narrative as a qualifying epithet on a parallel with “realism. The resulting metafiction — that is, writing that simultaneously reads itself — simulates the experience of reading aloud — that is, speaking that simultaneously listens to itself. In each case the roving figure has affinities with the picaro figure in that he does rove, mxn morally irresponsible, and chaotic of personality. But narrative should also be available at a primary studhorae.


Interview by Shirley Neuman and Robert Wilson. The picaresque novel is one subtype of the novel which lacks both unified plot and stable character. Browse Publish Engage About Contact. The picaresque character is not merely a rogue, and his chaos of personality is greater than any purely moral chaos.

Brams usefully applies game theory concepts such as the Nash equilibrium and Theory of Moves to tragedies, Biblical narratives, and other texts. While the guests bow their heads in prayer, Demeter Proudfoot hears Hazard speak for the first time.

There is a productive and revealing relationship between the postmodern play of the signifier and the elements of play, gaming, and strategy in a number of texts, including some that Brams cites. One such agent is Aristotle’s consistent and rational character that is, obeying the rules of probability and necessity. He resists being pinned down to one interpretation. In other words, the realists assert explicitly that certain propositions about human nature and human conduct are true, and others false.

He becomes a rogue in a world full of roguery. Novels with an exotic setting novels of adventure and romanceor with a setting located in the past historical novelsare seldom considered realistic even if they possess the appropriate elements of form and reference.

Wittgenstein and the Philosophical Investigations.

In his quest to save his stallion’s bloodline from extinction, Hazard leaves a trail of anarchy and confusion. Fiction which lacks an Aristotelian plot generally also lacks a stable and rational agent. The characteristic matter of the novel is domestic event. Selections from the Essential Works of Foucault For that one beautiful sutdhorse you feel you’ve spent a lifetime looking for a place to pee, and here you’ve found it. That o art has never been fundamentally concerned with plot or stable character, because it has not been pllt to articulate a coherent world view.

He had built up to that and now he was onto them. He hopes to sit up there in the Parliament buildings, gawking out a window at the streetcars crossing the High Level Bridge.

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