For Byzantine icons, hundreds of pricked and restorer, as this was once a single sheet that became sepa- pounced cartoons survive, together with their corre- rated. The iden- rara,” Corte di Ferrara c il suo meccnatissno, , ed. See also Bambach Cappel , Part r , 1: The gaze of the eyes and the position of the repainting. Vasari , III testa , Examples of pricked motifs on paper or Edmund New York , or the figures in the Bibliorern Mar- parchment, without the additional supporting evidence ciana Oedipus Legend Venice , or the bird in the Getty provided by textual sources or spolvero underdrawings, do bestiary Los Angeles , did so with little artisanal knowl- not alone constitute proof of the technique’s originality as edge of the spolvero technique.

See discus- the Borgherini Chapel exhibits calco and direct incision. Of the vast secondary literature, cf. On the methods of detaching fxescos, cf. Tommaseo 19[5, VI, , under “. Marco, Assen, , 49, 50, , u8, figs. Michelangelo’s cartoon onto the panel, see Bambach Quattrocento manner of hatching was with more orderly. Cemuni ,76,86,87, TI3, for trans.

The height of the child’s head is mm.

The possibility of finding them on the donfrom toto be placed similarly to those in fresco surface remains limited, however, considering the the St. See Freyno.

Cf also Watrous , as well as 8 19 3, no. Saint-Aubin ,75 tor crans.

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Jllnee’nvernichare, in tavoIa 0 vero in chona. By contrast, in numerous other less sheets with deckled edges and about ‘7 nun.


IT el quaderno et per quadrarura er api- transfer. Baldinucci ,30 under Cartom.

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Chapter One note II4 ; and preliminary observations Volterra. Albern’s pas- infrared reflectography examination. I am indebted to Everett Fahy, small manuals are lin paginated; see their epilogues, which Maryan W.

This aspect of panel sage dealing with preparatory drawings for pain?

The verso of Bacchiacca’s sheet is the Uffizi cartoon summer I am indebted to the for the giomate of the scene.

Italienische Nlalerei, Munich, J, erto unnoticed.

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Cesare Sforza, illegitimate son of Ludovico “n Mora” by Vasarir testeII cf VasariVasariI testocf. See at the Szepmuveszeci Muzeum, Budapest, blle brought to particularly conservation report by Maurizio Seracini my attention by Lorand Zentai in the sununer of Chiara method for tracing an object or a landscape Onto glass; altarpiece, see especially HallPiero della Prancesca’s De Prospective pingendi, writ- drawing for the Sforza Equestrian Monument from T to ten before J, recommends the use of wax to attach the Figs.

Thompson in Cennini 1. Stabilita che sieno i contorni del disegno in to study trus drawing in the paper conservation laboratory carta grande, come habbiamo detto, si sopraporrii.

See Seidel [, especially, plates Giulio Romano’s cartoon, Albertina inv. Cemuni ,76,86,87, TI3, for trans. Anneruni, for trans.


Vasari, for The earliest securely dOCulllellIed Gentili family of potters at Castelli comprise letters, cases of chis practice appear to date from to I aln indebted to Peter Day for the photograph of this cisaziolu sull’attivid. It is thus, the copious payment documents regarding the lost frescos properly speaking, not painting. RForiginally from the Vallardi collec- Munich panel is given in Rolf Kutzen, Ai,e Pilltlkorhek tion, and its correspondence to the fi: An example of this practice of wetting to blend smoothly wage of a skilled laborer was U, On “fouon” and “fauorino;” cf.

Drawing and Painting in the Italian Renaissance Workshop: part 3 | carmen bambach –

For the pricked and pounced patterns found in the “Caves motif of St. These may turn out to have also corresponding occurs in Squarcione’s Madonna and Chiid GemaJdega- measurements, if it is ever possible to verify them. Baldinucci ,30 under Cartoniy: See Figures and further discussion in Chapter Six.

Studies ill the Hislory of Epsode, 38, fece di molti dicepoli.

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