This is a recent race my wife and I did together. Your browser does not support the video tag. Polar Vantage V combines these two into a daily personalized training recommendation. While we were not side by side the entire run and I started the Polar a few seconds late, you can see the splits, map and distance all match reasonably well by comparing the 2 links below. However the settings and history screens cannot be zoomed in on and are best reviewed when in reach of your glasses. The web sync can be a little slow, and from the computer the training computer configuration is tedious. It can also recognize if you have too much stress from something else than training and will motivate you to keep training if you start to lose your momentum. Even with the zoom, and backlight it is harder to read than the Garmin.

By holding down either the Up or Down button the Upper, or Lower field on the page will zoom in to double the size, removing the middle fields. These features are nice options to explore, but not compelling enough to help drive a purchasing decision. I wore it in one race by stretching the arm band around the head under the swim cap it was a bit tight. Cutting-edge sports tech The latest wearable tech innovations make sure Polar Vantage V gives you all the accurate data you need to maximize your performance. The Polar website also offers a comprehensive guide all in each language, which provides more detail than the included documentation. Polar Vantage V product support Getting started guide Video: Optimize your training If you want to train like a pro, you need to recover like a pro.

If you are doing a multisport workout you can simply move to another sport before pressing start again.

REVIEW: The Polar RCX5 Multisport Watch

You connect to the watch and add or change each sport profile, or change user or device settings. In truth, the thickness is due to the eight languages covered in each.


Go to training log. You can do this from the watch, but it is easier to do it from the Polar Web Sync software.

The web sync can be a little slow, and from the computer the training computer configuration is tedious. Specifically, I wanted the time of day.

For example, the guide on the GPS looks like a small treatise on GPS theory, however, it only contains 10 pages of English language instructions. Pressing back a second time from the icon screen will end the workout session and go back to the clock screen. There were a few things I had failed to realize, like the fact that the foot pod overrides the GPS for distance. Polar Flow Plan your training Plan all your training from individual workouts to full season plans.

Once I read a few more instructions and took a bit more time with the RCX5 I found it easy to install the software and setup the watch.

And here is a Duathlon. I received the Polar RCX5 the night before a half rcc5.

Tri Gear: Polar RCX5

Distance and strokes get tracked also in open water swimming. More than a sports watch When you train with Polar Vantage V, you get access to the full Polar ecosystem where everything is connected. All your training data is trixthlon available on one platform in Polar Flow.

The software works much like polaar remote terminal for the watch. Instead of hitting a lap button, the RCX5 can be set to change display pages or mark a lap simply by waving the watch next to the heart rate strap. Phone notifications Stay connected with notifications from your phone.

Polar Vantage V | High-end multisport & triathlon watch for ambitious athletes | Polar Global

You can measure your daily recovery level with the Orthostatic Test Polar H10 required. One issue I have with the website in this case is it is difficult to drill in enough on the map to see the details. Rc5x him on Twitter at Triathletetech. I have found the Polar watch, and components to be very durable.


Get accurate wrist-based heart rate tracking even in the most demanding conditions. The latest wearable tech innovations make sure Polar Vantage V gives you all the accurate data you need to nultisport your performance. And a recent run. The RCX5 relies on W. Get motivating feedback immediately after training describing the effect of the session.

Polar Vantage V

The Polar RCX5 and its components each come with deceptively thick instruction booklets. On the full site, though not the watvh one, you can drill into each event from a multisport workout separately. Perceived Load is a value that takes into account your own subjective experience of how demanding your training session was. You can view, and change this data on the watch, but it is much more helpful to do so from the polar web sync, or Polarpersonaltrainer.

However, it did record the map correctly. You can add your own sports, or configure the devices, and screens setup with each sport. You could add a transition sport in that case. In addition to the GPS pod, the RCX5 comes with a foot pod, heart rate monitor, and cycling speed and cadence sensors that all communicate wirelessly with the watch. Triathloon you know how strained each body system is, you polarr optimize your training by working the right system at the right time.

If your country is not listed on this page, please find your local contact detailsretailers and stores and service points on our global site. Get an estimate of your running VO2max and see how your running performance is umltisport.

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