Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Past, present, future, good or bad, right or wrong, think and decide. The film won critical acclaim and was a commercial success at the box office. Virumaandi, 25, a manual laborer, was sent back to home from Singapore for taking responsibility for his cousin’s fault. When Virumaandi and Angela are about to leave the jail to outside police, Kothala stabs Virumaandi, proving that Virumaandi was true all the time. Virumaandi saves all of them by his false testification so that he can marry Annalakshmi, but Kothala seemingly refused the marriage. How did they move large stones up there? You’re given salaries, bonus, and are asked to protect people,.

It was dubbed into Telugu as Pothuraju. The criminals express how they feel about the direction that their lives have taken and how they have ended up where they are. Kothala had a silent eye on the fertile land owned by Virumaandi, as it had the only rich underground water availability. Virumaandi, on TV, pleas for a quick judgement, either to reach Annalakshmi by hanging to death or to live life as a silent man, seeking retribution. So anyone who passes this test of strength and restores the sword,. This page was last edited on 17 February , at

Gunaa Subha Sankalpam Kaathala Kaathala He was taken to Pothraju and later to Singapore by his father Thavasi Thevar. Every time a bomb blows here, it’s tremors are felt in every village.

A clash between Virumaandi and Kothala takes place in which six henchmen are killed. A melee ensues in which Naicker is killed. When everyone has a brother like you, they will see heaven on earth He is refusing mofie come out of the cell inspite of my requests.


So anyone who passes this test of pothkraju and restores the sword. She doesn’t have mother or mother-in-law, you must take care of her. Gradually, she falls in love with him.

She was wearing white top and blue jeans while going to college. Angela Kathamuthu Rohinia civil rights activist and her cameraman in Madras Central Prison interviewing prisoners serving life imprisonment and awaiting the death sentencefor her PhD thesis in law, against the death penalty.

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Tamil-language films pkthuraju Indian films Ptohuraju directed by Kamal Haasan Tamil-language films dubbed in Telugu Indian crime drama films Films about capital punishment Tamil film scores by Ilaiyaraaja s Tamil-language films Films set in prison Indian nonlinear narrative films Fictional portrayals of the Tamil Nadu Police.

He is sentenced to first six years in jail, followed by death by hanging. The film revolves around the interview of two prison inmates, firstly, Kothala Thevar’s Pasupathy life sentenceand secondly, Virumaandi Haasanwho is sentenced to be hanged.

For the scenes involving Jallikattu bull fightreal life bulls were brought in and was recorded live and also Neuendo machine was kept at the shooting venue. Do you know what women of my family see first thing in morning?

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Never let it fall from your eyes This film acquired cult status in Tamil cinema and inspired similar themes. Past, present, future, good or bad, right or wrong, think and decide. You have to watch the movie to know more pothuraju Pothuraju Kamal Hassan is an irresponsible villager and a brave warrior.


The film released in screens worldwide and first in Tamil cinema with crossing screens. The film won critical acclaim and was a commercial success at the box office. Here, Kothala stops and says that God has given justice, but Omline is still angry. An assassination attempt on Virumaandi is blamed on Naicker, and in the ensuing peace meeting of eight villages, Virumaandi’s gang is verbally humiliated.

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Annalakshmi finds him and admits him in the hospital to save his life. The other day, Ganga threatened to kill me infront of the police.

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: You’re the turning point in my words, my play and my life’s path He knows that we pkthuraju leave for our village afterthe reception. You have only 2 hours left to release Commissioner’s daughter.

A revolt among the jail staff leads to a jailbreak, as Jayanth gets stabbed and Virumaandi saves the vital evidence and Angela from Peykkaman and his henchmen. Why are you staring at me? The riot is stopped, and Angela presents the evidence in court. Your death must send shivers down the spine of corrupt policemen like you.

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