He figures out that it must involved Eun Seol and chases Ji Heon to demand to know what happened. Ji Sung already owned me from the get go. I kind of miss it too. A safety blanket of sorts. Kamsahamnida, thank you, merci… Your baby recap is a full recap in my book, and I really appreciate you… PTB may have utilized all the tropes in k-drama world but in a unique, refreshing way. Oh no it crossed my mind too. Once again, many thanks and happy holidays!

He wonders if all women like surprises? Her mom is pissed Na Yoon berated her. I love how he uses his hand to pull Eun Seol towards him and still look DAMN HOT even though his standing position could have looked awkward with that rail separating them etc! But Ji Hun is determined to together with Eun Sul. Please share if anyone knows. Moo Won and Na Yoon confront the two moms together, and both threaten their moms if they persist in continuing to bother Eun Seol.

Eun Seol suggests he continue changing, and tells him about doing an Undercover Boss type assignment by working part time at a coffee shop.

wpisode The two cousins stare down devolves into a pushing and kicking match, and finally into a hair-pulling wrestling match on the ground. Jae, I love how your acting has come a long way! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She presents the real world, and reminds them all that the tightly wound world of the rich and powerful is ever so lonely and rigid, and they can try to change that.

Dalena July 1, at 9: Gaining the trust and respect of his staff will allow him to become more confident in himself. I love this boss-secretary relationship to bits as well. Oh, and before the love in question has accepted too, lol. They smiles to each other happily. Boy needs to get some sleep! JiHeon or Moo Won?


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Eun Seol runs into the two moms in the elevator and thd that they sure are busy trying to get rid of her. Dont know if u guys still read this topic but i want to know the instrumental on episode 9, in the beggining. By the way, I just love Na Yoon.

I am mean I know but when I started watching Kdramas I never expected to be so involved but here I am hoping that the industry gets better. I have the sudden urge to change my university courses for this fall and become a secretary instead.

Nu February 16, at 1: Poor mom gets pushed off Na Yoon, who takes off her high heels and fights her way out of the house. You need to be logged in to submit content. She knows him, knows his weaknesses. And there was no other person there besides Hwang-ki and Woo-il but Ji-soo. The Chairman reads it and learns that Ji Heon has a phobia. Poor Hwan-ki laments his missed opportunity.

After giving the hiring directors a piece of her mind during a job interview at DN Group, she is surprised to find herself hired by Mu-won who was captivated by her interview to be the secretary to Ji-heon.

That was such a cool dad pep talk. This scares the employees, but he instructs them to share their thoughts while he listens and sharpens his pencil.


Both jobs require the same patience with people and controling your emotions. She remembers what her dad said, about following her own heart.

Proyect think more issues will get fought out and resolved in the open, until everyone reaches the peace they have been seeking.

In Phoenix, second male lead Eric Moon character the brother died too.

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He likes Eun Seol for her liveliness and honesty. I still don’t understand why Yi Soo is still with Woo-il as well.

It looks like he doesn’t afraid to look silly and ugly, which I think is really important for an actor. I kind of miss it too.

Protect the Boss Episode 8 Baby Recap

Moo Won gets dressed for dinner, and takes a watch from his drawer as he heads ddamabeans. Eun Seol says she needs to go to work. Kudos to the writer, PD and all the actors. At first, I don’t really like him when I saw him in the drama “When A Man Falls in Loves” but this drama totally change my feelings about him. She gets out of the car and tells her mom that she will quit working for the family business and earn her own living.

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