Zoya then leaves for Najma’s college festival in a burka as she is not allowed in the college premises. The mess made by Zoya in the kitchen while preparing a cake upsets Asad. Zoya encourages her to do so. In her room, Seher thinks about the engagement ring, that ahil presented, which changes the dimensions of the relationship between the couple, and is again reminisced as to how close she was to getting to that dimension with rehaan. When Rashid sees Zoya crying, he offers her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. The next morning, Rashid asks Ayaan to explain his anger. Dilshad reminisces about her old days with Rashid when a watch, promised as a gift for their anniversary years ago, is couriered to her.

Zoya tries to make peace with Allah, promising that whatever be her fate, she will accept it. She tells seher that her fame and luxury is only for a few days, and once her past revives, a scared sanam would come back. Zoya asks Najma to help her identify a building from a half-burnt photograph. Meanwhile, Zeenat persuades Zoya to return to New York with her. He asks her to stay away from Najma. Meanwhile, Razia warns Shireen to not let Imraan’s family know about Rashid’s previous marriage and his kids. Tanveer thinks that love has got her blind. She wards off those thoughts, and then asks herself to focus on her work, and get her money and leave this house forever.

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After helping Zoya get bail, Asad passes harsh comments about Zoya and strictly warns her to respect his household norms and his family. He asks her to cut all ties with Rashid’s family. Zoya encourages her to do so. Dilshad asks her about the bruise on her arms.

Shireen’s doubts about Rashid’s whereabouts heighten. Ayaan is stunned to see Humeira in a new look on stage.

Dilshad and Rashid reflect on their situation as they run into each other at the shrine qubolo their 31st anniversary. By Rimjhim Last updated Oct 28, Ayaan calls Asad to tell him to take action to stop her from learning that Asad had made hi purchases. Najma tries to ignore Nuzzhat, Nikhat and Humeira while registering their names for a college festival. Meanwhile, Asad quarrels with Zoya after his car almost strikes her.


An intimidated Zoya tries to fix his phone after he breaks it into pieces in a fit of anger. Asad is annoyed to say the voice password set by Zoya every time to receive a call.

Qubool Hai

They have a consolatory chat with each other. Asad is surprised to find Zoya sleeping next to him in his bedroom. An upset Zoya goes to a shrine to collect her thoughts, where Rashid is waiting for Dilshad, who doesn’t arrive.

Shireen apologises to Rashid for doubting him, and he forgives her. Humeira claims to know Zoya just to rpisode Ayaan’s attention. Ayaan scolds Humeira when he learns that she was misleading him by saying that she knows Zoya. Ahil comes saying that the diamond has less sparkle than her. Dilshad runs into Rashid at the shrine, to which she has come to pray on their 31st wedding anniversary.

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Zoya finds Ayaan littering in the market and decides to teach him a lesson. Asad makes Dilshad promise that she will move on from her past life. Katrina Kapoor 29th Oct – 6: Discussing the qualities they want in their potential partner, Humeira chats with Ayaan as Asad discusses the episdoe with his mother.

Zoya falls in Asad’s arms under the shooting ha. Asad doesn’t respond positively to Rashid’s concern as he is unhappy with Rashid’s second marriage. Ayaan drops his sisters to college where all, including Ayaan, are excited and expecting to see Zoya after hearing about her stunt with the boys the previous day. Nuzzhat and Nikhat are rescued by Asad in a mall after some boys tease them.


But Rashid is tense as he is not able to visit Asad. When Rashid sees Zoya crying, he offers her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. Shireen gets upset when Rashid lies about being at the office. Tanveer thinks that love has got her blind. Later that night, Zoya screams qjbool experiencing a bad dream. Asad offers Zoya help for her travelling arrangements, but Zoya refuses. He is annoyed seeing all her mess in his room.

While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma. She follows him, but ends up backstage where a diffident Humeira hesitates to go on stage. Rashid asks Eoisode to meet him for collecting the gifts back from her. Both fight against them until Asad gets severely injured after being stabbed. Their angry conversation ends with Asad helping her out by providing her a bottle of hzi.

Haseena goes to the shop herself to get the tux changed.

Both of them ocgober home to proudly narrate the incident, but Asad is not too pleased. He quickly attempts to replace it with a wrong number. The same day, Zoya is very pleased with Dilshad’s house after she moves into the latter’s apartment and mistakenly settles in the bedroom of Asad that night. A bubbly Zoya confronts Asad on his many objections regarding her and her stay, and asks him to bring all his complaints directly to her instead of taking it to his mother.

After failing to find the building in her old photograph, Zoya goes to Najma’s college and makes a fool of the boys eve-teasing Najma.

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