Damayanti and Phulwari witness Rudra shouting at Parvati. He tries to catch the doctor, but he escapes. Later, Mohini tells Mala not to interfere in any of her matters. Rudra Pratap takes Paro to her aunt. Parvati begs Dilsher to stop her and Rudra’s marriage from taking place, and Dilsher soothes her and asks her to not worry about the matter. He tries to do the needful, but fails and later, is shocked to find her in the house.

Later, Rudra tries to express his feelings to Parvati, but Mala interrupts them. Meanwhile, when Maithili gets Rudra a marriage proposal, he denies saying that Parvati’s memories are enough for him to live with. Later, Varun and Parvati exchange rings. Maithili decides to tell the family about the complications regarding her fertility, and Samrat tries to stop her. Myrah then further shocks Mohini by showing her the papers that state that Rudra is the new owner of the Haveli. Danveer tells Mohini about Rudra and says he wants to bring him home, but Mohini disagrees.

Meanwhile, a jeweller sends Parvati with some money to Thakur Param Singh. Myrah yells at Rudra for scolding Dhruv. Rudra and Dhruv miss Parvati a lot.

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Later, Parvati tries to convince Rudra and tells him to get close to his mother. Later, tadhan makes a plan with Aman where they fake Parvati’s death.

Elsewhere, Laila asks Sumer to marry qll and slaps him, and warns him not to touch her. Singh’s wife throws a party, where Rudra and Parvati dance together.

Parvati sleepless night at Rangrasiya TV Show, Watch full episode – video dailymotion

Mohini and Sumer conspire about Rudra’s death. Myrah tries to scare Rudra by playing one of Paro’s songs. Mohini tries to inject a needle in Rudra’s spisodes, but fails as Parvati walks in. Later, Rudra gets drunk and lashes out at Myrah.


Meanwhile, Maithili follows Devyani after seeing her taking money from Mohini.

Damayanti later says that said she will report Rudra as peisodes. Rudra visits his father and ignores his protests to pack his bags and get him back to their house.

At first, Mohini hesitates and gets angry but later she eats a laddoo. Rudra is discharged from the hospital. However, Dilsher defends Parvati and tells Rudra that it was his wish to bring Mala back. Parvati hits Rudra on the head with a rod and makes him unconscious after Rudra threatens to kill Tejawat. Later, Myrah and Rudra are shocked to see Rohit in the house.

Rudra then blames Parvati for his father’s state. Find a TV show or movie. Rudra also realizes his mistake and rushes upstairs to see Parvati standing in the corridor and consoles her.

He speaks ill of her and leaves, and Mohini comes and taunts at Mala. Rudra gets her shifted to his ward as he feels she is unsafe. Later, Rudra scolds Myrah when she plays Parvati’s song to get Dhruv to sleep and also for touching Parvati’s saree.

Myrah is surprised when Rudra extolls her good qualities and speaks to her with compassion. Later, Dhruv sneaks out of home and goes to meet Myrah. Rudra gets annoyed by Parvati following him around and tells her to stand outside the house until he qatch her in.


Meanwhile, Parvati tries to console him, but he misunderstands her.

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Parvati knows that Rudra has saved her life. Rudra and Parvati slip and fall while folding clothes and attraction ensues. Rudra catches the man who threw acid on Parvati. The love triangle between Rudra, Myrah and Rohit heats up with Rudra and Rohit having a face off over Myrah’s shopping trip. Parvati takes care of Dilsher’s fever while Mohini hides behind the cupboard looking for an opportune eipsodes to kill Dilsher.

Meanwhile, he is unaware of her aunt Mohini’s wicked plan to ruin his marriage with Parvati. Rudra congratulates them though he is pained. Myrah promises to stay till Dhruv fully recovers.

Later, that night Rudra takes proper care of Paro and she makes him do all the work. Later, Rudra gifts Paro some bangles. Rudra is des to see Parvati with him and questions her on her presence, but Parvati replies that he only asked her to stay.

Danveer argues with Mohini for secretly meeting Sumer.

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