Does that mean I don’t provide for my kids? Now they are jesters for white folks to laugh at. But this is not more ratchet then “Babymamas of Richmond” The girls all look up to their big brother, an A student and a track athlete. I say Thanks to all of these ladies for trying to make a positive into a negative. Next time i’m on I heading south I might pull over She says the show isn’t meant to encourage single-parenting, but wants to let people know that children can be raised without a father. However, my issue is with the creator attempting to bill the show as a positive representation of Richmond and single mothers.

Oops I forgot to laugh. However, having an actual plan on how to convey that testimony, that is another story. Show creator Aretha Lewis, known on the show as “Pumpkin” or “Big Sexy,” says the title drew criticism, but the show is meant to explore the challenges of being a single mom in the city. We discussed black women images on television. The other one I know, she wasn’t like that in school I personally felt that despite what they were trying to do, we should look at this as a blueprint on what needs to be rectified for women and families in situations such as these. This was much better than I expected. If you are going to do a comedy skit, step your game up and get a real production company!

episoode Crystal “the Rich Bitch” Richards has five children, ages 23, 21, 19, 11 and 6. The ones who try every attempt to keep the child away.

No experience and they attracted more attention than many of us could have ever imagined. Any frustration with this show should not be directed toward the cast or crew, but rather the decision makers producing it or allowing it to air.


These black women do not represent me or any of the black women I associate with, but they do have a testimony. Without trepidations, I say they dropped the ball.

Suggest ways to improve the show and stop bashing or hating on it. Posted Firxt 14 Nov It look like they glued tracks to their eyelids. Check out the episodes below. I virst up to the Mexican baby and that was it What a wonderfully written post! If they are indeed the Real Housewife of hoodrat DC epispde shouldn’t they be holding crack viles or rocks since the mayor And instead of paying thousands of dollars for Yaki, these enterprising ladies get their eye lashes while they get their grub on at Mandy’s Chicken and Lashes yes, that’s a car rear view mirror in her hand.

There are some good fathers out there, and rachet baby mothers that just want child support or are jealous because the father has moved on. If more time was spent on the content of the show, and not the marketing photographs, the public would have rchmond been able to focus on the message of this reality series.

The world needs to see this! Many are calling it “ghetto” or “ratchet,” Lewis says.

The Real Baby Mamas Of Richmond –

Because of this program and many like this, black women are being viewed in ways that make me uncomfortable. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Late on this Sandra. The word baby mama is real not ratchet or ghetto. She ended up in jail, she says. This is going too far, first The peisode babymamas of Richmond, now this.


WT? The Real Babymamas Of Richmond

Despite getting in “a little bit of trouble” in her youth, Lewis now runs a cleaning business and also works as a CNA. For that reason, she says, she’s lost custody of her year-old daughter, who lives with her father. Being produced by a gay white man would not not make it make it glamorous Housewives franchise. Subscribe bagymamas this thread:.

The first episode saw nearly 40, views, though later episodes weren’t watched nearly as much. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

I read an article where Snoop stopped his bus at a convenience store just to get Five packs of them an a jar of red licorice. The domestic dream never happened. We all start somewhere, the difference is. Madison Of Sexual Assault.

She says the show isn’t meant to encourage single-parenting, but wants to let people know that children can be raised without a father. Uh thanks for the info. I is so true. If you see a person of any race promoting something negative, it is your duty to push back against that behavior. She says she married inand “the marriage was good — I thought. Is that Ashy Larry in the pic with the cigarett hanging out of his mouth?

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