Together Team Stax must defeat the evil-like warriors who are using slaves to do their jobs. After being told by Ky to not use shadow Kairu anymore because of her character change when using it, she sneaks out and goes to Lokar to find out why shadow Kairu affects her and why she uses it so well. This is the first appearance of Golden Metanoid. She later saves Ky and Boomer from the Imperiez and returns with them. They give him a X-Reader to beat Zane so that they would become Lokar’s number one team again. They took Team Stax’s X-Readers and went to the vault and found the Kairu pot from the alien vessel, attempting to take it. Later that night Boomer and Ky did their usual thing: Ky and Maya must save Boomer, as well as Team Imperiaz members, before a volcano erupts, destroying not only a mask containing Kairu energy, but also the island they are all on.

Team Hiverax later arrives and battles for both sets of Kairu and lost. Team Stax meets three new warriors in training. Ky and Ekayon will go together to find the Prism Kairu the antidote and will find a cave where the Prism Kairu is. She faked Maya’s voice and lured Team Tyro into their trap. The sky turned back to normal and team Stax collected the kairu that was fused within a relic that looked like a piece of pottery as the Radikor walked away saying next time they will be victorious. Ky, Maya and Boomer travel to the rainforest and are shocked to discover that they must retrieve Kairu from a reanimated pterodactyl. You will see him more at the end of the series.

But the field comes back up and the fallen Hiverax combines into Hydrax, forcing both teams to flee into the X-Scaper and hanks to Mookee’s tuning of the ship’s boosters, they escape the Hiverax and the island’s electro-magnetic field.

Team Imperiaz discover where Lokar has hidden their parents. The Hiverax challenges both teams and due to the island’s electro-magnetic field affecting Team Stax and Radikor’s X-Readers, the Hiverax force them on a run throughout the island as the Hiverax’s X-Readers work due englixh their modifications.

So, he immediately goes to find it, but he doesn’t know that Ekayon joined him.

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rsdakai This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Ky falls prey to a mind clouding attack, thus suspending him from Team Stax and leaving Maya seaskn Boomer against a guardian. Team Stax are surprised to see a new team of E-Teens, three triplet brothers who are frightening: Then, the Hiverax arrive and challenges them but the Kys fight against each other instead.


When Team Stax returns, there seems to be no one there.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. In the B-story, Mookee gets a long beard after being nervous about Maya being bad, he tries many times to cut it off and stop worrying but entlish can’t and his beard grows and grows. Views Read Edit View history.

When the Battacor steal the X-Scaper and head to Norway in an attempt to beat Team Stax to a Kairu relic, the team must go to extreme measures to get the ship back.

The End of the Shadow: Part 2

The young team managed to send out a distress signal to Team Stax. Maya has a rdakai power to see the future, but can’t always seem to predict the truth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In order to leave, Maya battles Lokar and wins by using shadow Kairu but nearly turns evil.

Team Stax crashes on a mysterious island that has strange effects on Kairu attacks. Team Stax, Team Radikor, Team Battacor, Team Imperiaz, and Ekayon enter a tournament to decide whether good or evil is truly better; Maya learns a shocking secret about her origins. Mookee, feeling responsible saves Team Stax from falling of a bridge, and beats the Hiverax.

A new team 5. Maya and Ky battle in the finals, but none of them are on their best. Lokar leaves with the cube and the E-teams. The attack successfully hit the two remaining members of the Radikor resulting in team Stax winning the battle. Ky and the gang try to destroy the Cataclysm Stone before all of the Kairu energy in the universe is sucked in.

Redakai Season 2: Episode 26: Full (Portuguese)

They discover that Lokar survived the explosion since his old lair was destroyed. Ky and Ekayon will go together to find the Prism Kairu the antidote and will find a cave where the Epislde Kairu is. They drained as much Kairu as they could, becoming super charged and got a lot of new attacks. Team Stax discovers the Kairu Cube.

They took Team Stax’s X-Readers and went to the vault and found the Kairu pot from the alien vessel, attempting to take it. Ekayon will visit Team Stax and will help his friends to defeat Team Imperiaz and Team Radikor,but they will discover a scaring thing: However, Team Stax prevails in the end, taking home the Kairu Cube.


They also find out that Team Hiverax works for Lokar. The first 2 episodes were shown as sneak previews. Team Stax may be gone, their old inner kairu with the wpisode kairu but years later a class learns about them. Conquer the kairu or Lokars shadow nor do I own the characters, Monsters, Attacks. Baoddai tries to combine the Kys back together but lacks the power.

The group consisted of two boys and a girl; the leader, Zane who was a tall blue haired teen who had green skin, Zair: In a battle which for a new Kairu deposit Team Stax won, Maya dropped her communicator in the midst of the battle and Diara got a hold of it.

Together Team Stax must defeat the evil-like warriors who are using slaves to do their jobs. Team Stax unknowingly locate Lokar’s new lair. Team Stax collects both sets of the Kairu and life and peace returns to the village. They eventually find Team Tiro hiding with a completely enervated Master Baoddai. And when they give it to Baoddai and he returns to normal strength, we soon realize that Lokar is still determined to fight!

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Team Stax was losing to the Radikor, the oddly colored group of e-teens that the dark master Lokar who recently disappeared due his last attack at tournament were assembled to his bidding. Lists of French animated television series episodes Lists of Canadian children’s animated television series episodes. Zane comes to the conclusion that Lokar is gone forever. Ky locates his dad’s X-Reader and tries to find rdakai. Mookee tells everyone what the Hiverax told him to do, causing them to wonder why the Hiverax did so.

Could her vision be correct? When exiting the vault, Boomer saw them and alerted the team. Then, Zane’s paralysis wears aeason and challenges Team Stax to a battle so he could get revenge on Ennglish, Zane’s team arrives later. Years later we find our young heroes in quite a mess the three were in a kairu challenge in which they may not win.

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